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Kaunan The Elder Futhark shape is likely directly based on Old Italic "c" (, 𐌂) and on Latin C. The Younger Futhark and Anglo-Saxon Futhorc shapes have parallels in Old Italic shapes of "k" (, 𐌊) and Latin K (compare the Negau helmet inscription). The corresponding Gothic letter is 𐌺 "k", called "kusma".
Kaunan The "k"-rune (Younger Futhark , Anglo-Saxon futhorc ) is called Kaun in both the Norwegian and Icelandic rune poems, meaning "ulcer". The reconstructed Proto-Germanic name is *Kaunan. It is also known as Kenaz ("torch"), based on its Anglo-Saxon name.
Kaunan The rune also occurs in some continental runic inscriptions. It has been suggested that in these instances, it represents the "ch" /χ/ sound resulting from the Old High German sound shift (e.g. "elch" in Nordendorf II).
Kaunan The shape of the Younger Futhark "kaun" rune () is identical to that of the "bookhand" s rune in the Anglo-Saxon futhorc.
Gamma Letters that arose from the Greek gamma include Etruscan (Old Italic) 𐌂, Roman C and G, Runic "kaunan" , Gothic "geuua" , the Coptic Ⲅ, and the Cyrillic letters Г and Ґ.
Cebuano language In South Kana, there are some words that are influences from Waray-waray and used in everyday conversations. For example, "luto" in place of "kan-on" (rice), "suoy" in place of "suka" (vinegar), "kaunan" in place of "kan-anan" (dining room), "tamsi" in place of "langgam" (bird, but in Hiligaynon tamsi means snake), and "bungto" in place of "lungsod" (town or municipality).