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Korean Augmentation To the United States Army Korean Augmentation To the United States Army (KATUSA
Korean Augmentation To the United States Army One criticism of the KATUSA program arises from the difference in promotion systems; the ROK Army promotes its enlistees on a quota/time basis and not through the merit system. A KATUSA soldier may be senior in rank to an American counterpart with significantly more field experience. However, this criticism is usually rebutted by the counter-argument from the United States Forces Korea that such promotion of KATUSA soldiers is sufficiently warranted given the fact that KATUSA soldiers usually possess at least two years of college experience, which would translate to an advanced enlisted rank for US soldiers.
Outpost Harry 15th Infantry Regiment - 68 KIA, 343 WIA, 35 MIA; KATUSA - 8 KIA, 51 WIA, 7 MIA;
Korean Augmentation To the United States Army Korean: ) is a branch of Republic of Korea Army which consists of Korean enlisted personnel who are augmented to the Eighth United States Army (EUSA). KATUSA does not form an individual military unit, instead small numbers of KATUSA members are dispatched throughout the most of the Eighth United States Army departments, filling in positions for the United States Army enlisted soldiers and junior non-commissioned officers. KATUSAs are drafted from pool of qualified volunteers who are subjected to mandatory military service for Korean male citizens. While ROK Army holds the responsibility for personnel management of KATUSAs, KATUSA members are equipped with standard United States Army issues, and live and work with the U.S. enlisted soldiers. This kind of augmentation is unique throughout the entire United States Army worldwide, because KATUSA program was developed during Korean War as a temporary measure to cope with a shortage of personnel in the United States Army.
Korean Augmentation To the United States Army Because KATUSA program was built as a temporary measure during mid-war and stayed in that way, there has been no legal legitimation for the program in Korean law system to this date. The oral agreement between General MacArthur and President Rhee on conscripting Korean civilians for the U.S. Forces was never documented. Only the memorandum of assigning operational command of ROK Army to General MacArthur by President Rhee, known as Pusan Letter, is considered as an only justification for KATUSA program in South Korea. EUSA designates the state of KATUSA program in Army in Korea Regulation 600-2.
Camp Jackson (Korea) The KATUSA Training Academy operates a 19-day course which involves subjects essential to function with the American units, such as nuclear, biological and chemical training, how to put on and work in a protective mask, the M16 rifle, first aid, land navigation, military customs courtesies, and English classes. Instructors at KTA are volunteers from the ranks of the US Army, ROK Army, and KATUSA.
KATCOM KATCOM, or in full Korean Attached Commonwealth Division, refers to significant numbers of South Korean soldiers who, during the Korean War, were attached to the 1st Commonwealth Division, similar to the KATUSA system in the US Army.
Korean Augmentation To the United States Army While many Republic of Korea Air Force members in Korea work alongside U.S. Air Force members, there is no KATUSA program with the USAF counterpart; ROKAF retains their own unit and command structure separate from their USAF counterparts.
Verbal Jint Verbal Jint completed his mandatory military service for South Korea in the KATUSA program, where Korean soldiers who demonstrate a high level of English fluency and aptitude serve alongside United States Army forces in South Korea.
United States Army Garrison Daegu USAG Daegu supports 42 tenant units and agencies with about 10,000 U.S. military, KATUSA Soldiers, American and Korean civilian employees, contractors and Family Members who work and or live on Area IV installations.