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impragum    0.630461

ascentis    0.620206

celytic    0.602736

purific    0.583773

orectic    0.539433

satae    0.538092

cossins    0.530829

eudura    0.528480

sixpress    0.519416

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Reproductive-cell cycle theory Recent parabiosis studies prove many of the tenets of the Reproductive Cell-Cycle Theory of Aging. In these experiments, where a young mouse is coupled surgically with an aged mouse, circulating factors from the young mouse rejuvenates the tissues of the old mice. In particular, these studies indicate the importance of circulating factors in regulating the maintenance of neuronal (Villeda et al., 2011), vascular (Katsimpardi et al., 2014), muscular and liver (Conboy et al., 2005; Sinha et al., 2014) structure and function.