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Article Example
Kaptai Upazila Notable landmarks are the Karnaphuli Hydroelectric Power Station, the only Hydro-electric power plant of Bangladesh. The Kaptai Dam, built for this purpose on the Karnaphuli River, created the Kaptai Lake, the largest man-made dam in Bangladesh.
Kaptai Lake Construction of the reservoir for the hydro-electric plant began in 1956 by the Government of East Pakistan. As a result, of farmland in the Rangamati District went under water and created the lake.
Kaptai Lake International Engineering Company and Utah International Inc. received the contract for construction of the dam. The dam is 670.8 meters long, and 54.7 meters high. The dam has a long spillway containing 16 gates. Through the spillway of water can pass.
Kaptai Dam The total cost of Unit 1, Unit 2 and a part of Unit 3 was Rs. 503 million and the total cost of extension was Tk. 1,900 million. The project was financed by the East Pakistan Government (at the time), United States and the Overseas Economic Cooperation Fund.
Kaptai Dam The building of the dam and reservoir also caused destruction of wilderness and loss of wildlife and wildlife habitats.
Kaptai Upazila At the 2001 Bangladesh census, Kaptai had a population of 66,135. Males constituted 55.45% of the population, and females 44.55%. The population of those aged 18 and older was 32,352. The average literacy rate was 49.9% (7+ years).
Kaptai Lake The land that went under water as a result of the dam construction, was 40% of the total arable land in the area. Along with that, of the Government-owned forest, and of other forest land went under water. About 18,000 families with a total of almost 100 thousand people were also displaced. The palace of the king of the Chakmas was also flooded and is now under water.
Kaptai Upazila Kaptai is located at . It has 12992 households and total area 259 km².
Kaptai Dam Starting in 1957, the initial phase of the construction was completed in 1962. By this time the dam, spillway, penstock and two 40 MW Kaplan turbine generators were built in the power station. In August 1982 a 50 MW generator was commissioned. In October 1988 the fourth and fifth generating units, both 50 MW Kaplan-type turbines, were installed which raised the total generation capacity to 230 MW.
Kaptai Dam Kaptai Dam () is on the Karnaphuli River at Kaptai, upstream from Chittagong in Rangamati District, Bangladesh. It is an earth-fill embankment dam with a reservoir (known as Kaptai Lake) water storage capacity of . The primary purpose of the dam and reservoir was to generate hydroelectric power. Construction was completed in 1962. The generators in the Karnafuli Hydroelectric Power Station were commissioned between 1962 and 1988. It is the only hydroelectric power station in Bangladesh.