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Kim Kaphwan Although appearing in most "The King of Fighters" games, Kim was not originally meant to appear on its first game and was removed from the first due to complaints from designers. However, Kim's character has been well received by gamers, who commonly vote him in popularity polls developed by video games journals and websites. He has also received comments from video games publications, which praised his development in the SNK games, but criticized his absence in "KOF: Maximum Impact".
Kim Kaphwan Kim's addition to "The King of Fighters" series was considered to be forced; the game was meant to have a Fugitive Team composed of Chang Koehan and Choi Bounge and an unknown criminal. However, due to certain circumstances, Kim was the one who had Choi and Chang as his teammates as the leader of the Korea Team. Originally, Kim was going to enter the first entry of the "Maximum Impact" series under the pseudonym "Mr. Taekwondo" -in the same fashion as "Art of Fighting"'s Mr.Karate. Due to veteran designers' complaints and other difficulties at the time, it was finally decided to leave Kim out of the game's lineup but add another character like him to replace his absence. While several other characters were considered for the spot -including other SNK characters such as Jhun Hoon, May Lee, and "Buriki One" character Seo Yong Song- a fellow developer voiced interest in creating another female Taekwondo fighter with the same "professional" manner as Kim, which eventually formed the basis for Chae Lim.
Kim Kaphwan Kim was originally named "Haifon Kim" but that idea was later dropped because it was not a valid Korean name. After a talk with Kim Kap-hwan, the president of the Korean company Viccom, the SNK staff decided to rename the character Kim Kaphwan.
Kim Kaphwan Kim also appears in two of the three animated films from "Fatal Fury" in which he takes supporting roles. He is voiced by Daiki Nakamura in the Japanese versions, and by David Kaye in the English dub. In "", Kim challenges Terry to fight after learning that he defeated the former crime lord from Southtown Geese Howard to test his own strength. Although he is defeated, he and Terry become good friends. In the sequel, "", he also appears reunting with Terry and his friends along with his family searching to have a rematch with Terry. However, during the meeting Cheng Sin-Zan (from Fatal Fury 2), enhanced by cyber-armor attacks all the people, and Kim is seriously injured. Despite his wounds, Kim manages to defeat Cheng, but spends most of the time of the film recovering. He also stars in manhua from the video games which retell his actions from the games.
Kim Kaphwan One of Kim's defining characteristics is his strong, inherent sense of justice. It is to the point where he has the innate ability to tell whether or not someone is evil or holds dark intentions just by looking at that person. As such, whenever Kim fights against an evil character (e.g. Geese Howard, Rugal Bernstein etc.), Kim has a special opening pose, in which, he glares menacingly at the evil opponent, and he slowly raises his hand and points at the opponent, saying "Aku wa yurusan!" (Japanese for "Evil is unforgivable!") "Hah!" and jumps into his fighting stance.
Kim Kaphwan Kim strives for excellence and righteousness in everything he does, be it his fighting or personal life. He is deeply respected and admired by his acquaintances for his honesty and bravery, and has many friends amongst the characters in both "King of Fighters" and "Fatal Fury". However, the Fatal Fury Team ending in "King of Fighters XI" shows that Kim might be quite an annoyance at times as well; in this case, he spends the whole time talking about justice and its power. Kim also has two sons, Kim Dong Hwan and Kim Jae Hoon, as well as a wife (named Myeng Swuk in ""), as well as many others in his dojang.
Kim Kaphwan Gamers have well-received Kim's character, appearing in various polls developed by journals and websites. In "Gamest"'s 1997 Heroes Collection, Kim was voted as the staff's tenth favorite character. In a 2005 poll made by SNK-Playmore USA, he was voted as the tenth fan favorite character with a total of 119 votes. "Gamest" magazine ranked Kim at No. 44 in Top 50 Characters of 1994 (sharing the spot with three other characters).
Kim Kaphwan Kim has received comments from video games reviewers, who added praise and criticism to his character. Kurt Kalata from commented on Kim's introduction in the series to be a big improvement for the series, praising him to later become a regular character in "The King of Fighters". In another review, Simon Wigham from Console Obsession agreed on this, also noting that Kim later became a legend from "The King of Fighters." Kim was also commented to be a favourite absent in "" by Chris Wigham from the same site. On the other hand, Wigham then added that his replacement, Chae Lim, is basically a clone from Kim as they have the same moves. However, GameSpot reviewer Greg Kasavin liked the addition of Kim to "" as he noted that his 3D design was not just a rehash and instead a completely different. Kasavin also listed his "Phoenix Kick" move first introduced in "Fatal Fury 2" as the sixth best move in a fighting game, labelling it as one of "the coolest-looking moves in any fighting game" which helped to popularize SNK's games. Kim's appearance in "The King of Fighters XII" was criticized for lacking several of his recurring special moves. IGN writer Anthony Chau liked the found Kim's son as his favourite characters from "" due to how similar their fighting styles are to Kim's as well as their relation.
Kim Kaphwan Kim Kap-Hwan (金甲煥(キム・カッファン) "Kimu Kaffan", sometimes written as 김갑환 "Kim Kap-hwan"), usually written as Kim Kaphwan, is a character in both the "Fatal Fury" and "The King of Fighters" series created by SNK Playmore (formerly SNK). He is credited as the first ever fictional Korean character to appear in a fighting game. Kim is first introduced in "Fatal Fury 2" as a playable character. In the series Kim is a master of taekwondo, and also considers himself a fighter of justice. Since Kim was young and during his taekwondo training sessions, he was always reminded to fight for justice, and use the martial art as a way to accomplish this. He is also a regular character from "The King of Fighters", in which he is the leader of the Korea Team and spends time trying to rehabilitate his two team mates, Chang Koehan and Choi Bounge, out from their criminal lives. He also appears in the "Fatal Fury" animated films and comics adaptations from the video games.
Kim Kaphwan Kim first appears in "Fatal Fury 2" as a playable character. He travels to Southtown fight Wolfgang Krauser, who was looking for some decent challenges in the King of Fighters fighting tournament. On the way, he encounters the former King of Fighters champion Terry Bogard. They soon become good friends, and ever since, Kim always agrees to help Terry in all that he can, though a definite rivalry is maintained. He also appears in all the "Real Bout" games from the series. He is also present in "", a 3D game which retells the story from the but with characters from the sequels including Kim. He makes a cameo appearance in "" in one of his son's (Dong Hwan) win poses.