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scharfenstein    0.826445

hintere    0.821423

erzgeb    0.817832

schwedenschanze    0.814057

schachen    0.813202

kuhberg    0.812590

lengfeld    0.808760

hinterer    0.807068

kematen    0.806239

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Kapellenberg (Vogtland) Kapellenberg is a mountain of Saxony, southeastern Germany.
Odernheim am Glan Also belonging to Odernheim am Glan are the outlying homesteads of Am Kapellenberg, Birkenhof, Charlottenhof, Elsenpfuhl, Heddarterhof, Niedermühle, Sonnenberghof, Disibodenberg and Disibodenbergerhof.
Lorch, Hesse Winegrowing in Lorch is run within the Rheingau winegrowing region under the "Großlage" (roughly “vineyard group” or “appellation”) “Burgweg”. The individual vineyards are "Schlossberg" (53 ha), "Kapellenberg" (58 ha), "Krone" (13 ha), "Pfaffenwies" (35 ha), and "Bodental-Steinberg" (23 ha).
Elster Mountains The highest points "Hoher Brand" with an elevation of 805m, Vysoký kámen ("Hoher Stein") at 773 m, "Háj u Aše" ("Hainberg") at 758 m and the Kapellenberg at 757 m.
Voigtland State Railway Shortly afterwards, surveying began on the new line. Major problems were experienced on the route through the Bohemian area, where the communities of Fleißen and Wildstein opposed the construction of the line. The necessary land was so overpriced that the route eventually chosen ran south of the Kapellenberg (mountain) returning to Saxony for a while.