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kihntagious    0.464640

aliahmad    0.447975

vestvood    0.444235

skazi    0.442357

piklz    0.441452

invisibl    0.439943

astani    0.436742

truthspeaker    0.435277

drumattic    0.432974

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Unish Som guss e krans esed fiding junt in same fild, wen tori-kachor sudnli komed to les. Koz krans esed slim e lite, les kaned flai skoro e eskaped tori-kachor’s nets. But guss non kaned eskap izli e al es kaptur koz les es overpeso.
Nick Nicely In the late 1980s he became involved with the burgeoning acid house and rave scene in the UK, and together with his friend Gavin Mills (aka "DJ Face") the duo produced a number of house tracks in the early 1990s under the names Psychotropic, Freefall and Airtight. The pair also collaborated with Jack Smooth on a single under the group name Citizen Kaned. nicely recalled his involvement in that period: "we went right through acid house, the parties, '89, the whole scene—and it was a time that I enjoyed my greatest commercial success in the top of the dance charts. So it was definitely something that informs my work and yes, it was a fascinating period to be in the middle of that huge movement, when people really did think that the song had died and it was all going to be the emotions coming off the sound from mainly linear dance records, though a lot of them weren't of course. But yeah, fascinating time." Mills is now part of the DJ and production duo Copyright.