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Kandaleru Dam Kandeleru Dam is an irrigation project built on the Kandaleru River in Rapur Mandal, Nellore district, Andhra Pradesh. The project is part of the Telugu Ganga project which supplies drinking water to Chennai city from the Srisailam reservoir on Krishna River. Kandaleru reservoir is mainly fed by a link canal from the Somasila Dam. The Telugu Ganga project also provides irrigation with its canals in Andhra Pradesh. it has an earth dam of about 12 km long. Gross storage capacity of the reservoir is 72 tmcft.
Telugu Ganga project After the re-lining and reconstruction, the Kandaleru-Poondi part of the canal was renamed Sai Ganga.
Dandolu Chennareddy His farmland, estates were left by his hereditary to the relatives and villagers to farm and later gone under Kandaleru Dam
Penchalakona The water fall coming from the hill where the Lord lies, flows down in the northward direction. In ancient days a devotee, Maharishi (Saint) by name ‘Kanva’ dwelling was on the banks of this river and used this for his basic needs. So, this lake is named after him as ‘Kanvayeru’. As ages passed, the name was changed to ‘Kandaleru’. A dam was constructed downstream of this lake in 1995. Its name is known by its river as Kandaleru Dam. The dam supplies irrigation water to many surrounding villages and provides livelihood to many natives.
Dandolu Chennareddy He was the head of Rapuru subdivision (samantha raja) and in command of 11 villages around Rapuru, lived in Pokura Palli, a small village near Venkatagiri, now part of Nellore District. He built many water ponds and wells for farming and villagers, which still exist around Kandaleru Dam. He was a devotee of Ankamma talli Goddess Laxmi.
Penchalakona This village is located in Rapur mandal of Nellore city district in Andhra Pradesh. It is 70 km from Nellore city. Penchalakona houses the temple of Sri Penusila Narasimha Swamy, which is situated at the foot of a hill. It is believed that Kanva Maharshi did his penance here. The annual festival of the temple, during the month of April and May, is a major event at Penchalakona. Devotees from near and far distances congregate for Narasimhaswamy Jayanthi with great devotion. The river Kandaleru as it is now called, originates from the water falls of the mountain ranges on the West and the South, had another name Kanvayeru. The river flows through Rapur and empties itself in to the Bay of Bengal sea near Krishnapatnam. Krishnapatnam Port is located on Kandaleru creek.
Nagarjuna Sagar tail pond A lift canal from the Krishna river ( at 20 m MSL) downstream of Pulichintala dam will be executed to feed Godavari water diverted from Polavaram to some of the existing command area (situated below 60 m MSL) under Nagarjuna Sagar right bank canal to facilitate extension of Nagarjuna Sagar right bank canal connecting to Kandaleru feeder canal / Somasila reservoir.
Poondi reservoir Initial works for supplying water under this scheme were completed in 1996 and from September 1996, water is received at Poondi Reservoir from Kandaleru Reservoir in Andhra Pradesh through 152 km. long open canal up to Tamil Nadu Border near Uthukottai. Then, the water is conveyed through 25 km. long open canal to Poondi Reservoir. From Poondi Reservoir, water is transferred to Redhills and Chembarambakkam Lakes through Link/Feeder canals and supplied to city after treatment.
Somasila Dam The reservoir can get water by gravity from the Srisailam reservoir located in Krishna basin. It is the biggest storage reservoir in Penna River basin and can store all the inflows from its catchment area in a normal year. This reservoir can also feed by gravity nearby 72 tmcft gross storage capacity Kandaleru reservoir. Under Indian Rivers Inter-link projects, it is planned to connect the reservoir with the Nagarjunasagar reservoir to augment its water inflows.somasila project under canal systems developed.
Pothireddypadu Reservoir This feeder canal called Srisailam right main canal (SRMC) also supplies water to Chennai city drinking water, Srisailam Right Bank Canal, K. C. Canal and Galeru Nagari Canal in addition to divert the Krishna river flood water to Penna river for storage in Somasila and Kandaleru reservoirs situated in Nellore district. The maximum flow capacity of the canal is 44,000 cusecs at full supply level of MSL