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Kahra Block Kahra Block with population of about 3 lakh is Saharsa district's the most populous sub district, located in Saharsa district of the state Bihar in India. There are 37 villages in the sub district, among them Bangaon is the most populous village with population of about 30 thousand and Kandaha is the least populous village with population of 214. Bangaon is the biggest village in the sub district with an area of 23 km2 and Deojaji is the smallest with 0 km2. There is only one city in the sub district that comes under the sub district administration which is Saharsa Nagar Parishad.
Bangaon, Bihar In Buddhist history, the entire Kosi region was referred as 'Anguttarap Janpad'. According to Ashvghosh, the capital of 'Anguttarap' was 'Apan' which was situated on the northern banks of river 'Mahee'. Several references of Gautam Buddha visiting 'Anguttarap' have been found. According to "Vinaypitak", Gautam Buddha once visited "Apannigam" with 1250 "Bhikshuks" where he was received and entertained by "Jatil Keniya" (a Brahmin who had invited Gautam Buddha to come there. Here, Brahmin "Sel" became disciple of Gautam Buddha with his 300 followers and to celebrate this, "Jatil keniya" offered the drink "Maureya". From here on, drinking "Maureya" became acceptable to the followers of Buddha. "Apan Nigam" was an important place in "Anguttarap" since it has been referred at several places in Buddhist literature. Several 'Sutas' were preached in 'Apan Nigam' of which "Potaliya Suta", "Latuki Kopmasuta", "Sel Suta", and "Apan Suta" were important. However, historians are divided over whether "Apan Nigam" was actually present day Bangaon. Historian Mithila Saran Pandey believes that "Apan Nigam" was some place in Kosi region north of Ganga, whereas famous historian Havaldar Tripathi opines that place "Apan Nigam" is none other than Bangaon which is three Kilometres north west of "kandaha"( a village which is compared with "Keniya vaah" or "Samta Kaniya" village of Buddhist times). Buddha stayed at "Jaatiya Van" (present day "Devan Van") and the Brahmin "Sel" was from present day Sihaul VIllage.
Bangaon, Bihar "Bangaon Copper Plate" (or "Bangaon Plate"), found in 1950, is an inscription of Pal dynasty. It belonged to Pandit Ghughur Jha, a teacher of Kalawati High School, and was later examined by noted Indian historian and epigraphist Dineshchandra Sircar. It measures 13.4"X12.2"X1.5"(LWH) and weighs 425 "Taul" (or 5 "ser" 5 "chhataak") and is known to have been engraved during the rule of Vigrahapala III (1050-1076 AD). This plate, containing 51 lines, is of 17th year of Vigrahapala III's rule and is inscribed on both sides. This charter is issued from "Kanchanpur" Which suggests "Kanchanpur" being a temporary capital of the Pala's. Kanchanpur is presumed to be present day "Kandaha" village where the only Sun Temple of north Bihar is situated. This charter is related to a land grant by "Ghantisa" (a royal officer) of his own possessions ("Jagir") to the "Pal" King. The plate mentions that on the day of "Vishwat sankaranti", after religious bath and worshipping of Buddha, the land was donated to a Bramhin. It suggests that people of that time were aware of "Puranas" since "ksheer-saarag" and "dugdhambodhi" related to "Pauranik Kathas" have been mentioned. It also sheds light on the influence of Buddhist culture during those days since on the 37th line of the plate "buddhabhattarkamuddhishya" is inscribed in which king Gopal has been compared with Gautam Buddha.