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Kanaklata Barua Kanaklata Barua () (22 December 1924 – 20 September 1942) also called Birbala and "Shaheed" (martyr) Kanaklata Barua was an Indian freedom fighter from Assam who was shot dead while leading a procession bearing the National Flag during the Quit India Movement of 1942.
Kanaklata Barua Kanaklata was born in the Borangabari village of the undivided Darrang district of Assam as the daughter of Krishna Kanta and Karneshwari Barua. Her grandfather Ghana Kanta Barua was a famous hunter in Darrang. Her ancestors were from the Dolakharia Barua kingdom of the erstwhile Ahom state who relinquished the Dolakharia title and continued retaining Barua title. Her mother died when she was only five and her father, who remarried, died when she reached thirteen. She went to school till class three but then dropped out to take care of her younger siblings.
Kanaklata Barua During the Quit India Movement Kanaklata joined the Mrityu Bahini, a death squad comprising groups of youth from the Gohpur sub division of Assam. On 20 September 1942, the Bahini decided it would hoist the national flag at the local police station. A procession of unarmed villagers were led by Barua to do so. The police under Rebati Mahan Som the officer in-charge of the police station warned the procession of dire consequences if they proceeded with their plan. Undeterred by the police, the procession continued marching ahead when the police fired upon the procession. Kanaklata was shot and the flag she was carrying with her was taken up by Mukunda Kakoti who too was shot at. Both Kanaklata and Kakoti were killed in the police action. Kanaklata was only 17 years of age at the time of her martyrdom.
Kanaklata Barua The Fast Patrol Vessel ICGS Kanak Lata Barua of the Indian Coast Guard, commissioned in 1997, is named after Kanaklata. A life size statue of hers was unveiled at Gauripur in 2011.
Ramkumar Mukhopadhyay His father was Ramangamohan Mukhopadhyay and mother Kanaklata Mukhopadhyay. He graduated from Ramakrishna Mission Vidyamandira (a residential college) at Belur
Banikanta Kakati Kakati's health broke after the demise of his beloved wife Kanaklata in 1952 and died in the same year, on 15 November, the date of his birth.
Gohpur Gohpur (IPA: ˌgəʊəˈpʊə) is a town and a town area committee in Sonitpur district in the Indian state of Assam. It is a historical place of Assam, where the famous freedom fighter Kanaklata Barua was born.
Satish Chandra Kakati The Government of India awarded him the civilian honour of the Padma Shri in 1991. He received the "Lokapriya Gopinath Bardoloi Memorial Award" from the Government of Assam in 2004. A year later, he was awarded the Kanaklata Barua and Mukunda Kakati Memorial Award.
Sankardev Shishu/Vidya Niketan Many schools are currently running in rural areas for the betterment of Rural India. All those schools are funded by other schools. Vidya Bharati is working with an aim of providing quality education and creation of patriotic student in society. Class rooms are in the name of various historic person such as Lachit, Kanaklata, Rupkonwar, Subhas Chandra Bose, and Bhagat Singh.
Dipankar Bhattacharjee Dipankar started playing badminton at a very early age. He was five years old when his father Mr. Iswar Bhattacharjee took him out for Badminton training. His father is his first coach and has been a constant guide and adviser who started local tournaments in the Guwahati Indoor Hall (Kanaklata Indoor Stadium) to attract interests from younger kids and their parents for Badminton.