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Deborah Kampmeier Kampmeier's film Hounddog debuted at the Sundance Film Festival in January 2007 in the dramatic category, where it was nominated for the Sundance Film Festival Grand Jury Prize. It also met with a significant amount of controversy over its content. The film features a 12-year-old girl named Lewellen played by Dakota Fanning, who lives with her "abusive father and alcoholic grandmother". The inclusion of a non-graphic rape scene caused Christian film critics and activists to negatively comment on the film, with it being called "child abuse" and Bill Donohue calling for a federal investigation against Kampmeier. Donohue stated that the film was breaking anti-pornography laws and that Dakota Fanning was being exploited.
Deborah Kampmeier In 2016, Kampmeier released her third feature-length film, "Split." It premiered in the Sarasota Film Festival on April 7, 2016. The film centers on a young actress, named Inanna, who is split from her full self when she falls in love with a mask-maker and the relationship takes on dark subtleties. The film draws from the ancient myth of the same name and stars Amy Ferguson, Morgan Spector, and Raina Von Waldenburg. The director's daughter, Sophia Oppenheim, also appears in the film in her acting debut. Indie Outlook described the film as "an arrestingly raw howl of fury at the global stigmatization of female sexuality.
Deborah Kampmeier Deborah Kampmeier is an American film director, producer, screenwriter and acting teacher best known for her films "Split," (2016) "Hounddog" (2007) and "Virgin". (2003). Deborah began her career in theater as an actress after training at the National Shakespeare Conservatory from 1983–85, and has taught acting in NYC for the past 20 years at such institutions as NYU, Stella Adler Studios, Michael Howard Studios, Playwrights Horizons and The National Shakespeare Conservatory. She currently teaches a Master Acting Class in New York City.
Deborah Kampmeier Kampmeier made her first feature film Virgin starring Elisabeth Moss and Robin Wright Penn for $65,000 in 2003. The film picked up awards at the Hamptons Film Festival, Sedona Film Festival, Santa Fe Film Festival, Female Eye Film Festival in Toronto. The film was nominated for two Independent Spirit Awards, the John Cassevetes Award and a best actress award for Moss.
Deborah Kampmeier The Sundance Film Festival organizer, Geoffrey Gilmore, praised Kampmeier for trying to cover "challenging material". Kampmeier responded to the criticism by explaining that Fanning and the two other child actors in the film, Cody Hanford and Isabelle Fuhrman, were only acting and decried the attacks against "my mother, my agent ... my teacher, who were all on the set that day" by critics. Fanning also stated herself, "I'm not going through anything like that, it's just my character. It's just another scene and wasn't any different from anything else I've done" and said that the controversy was "blown out of proportion".
Virgin (film) Best Fiction Feature Film/Video: Deborah Kampmeier
Virgin (film) John Cassavetes Award: Deborah Kampmeier (writer/director) and Sarah Schenck (producer)
Amy Ferguson In 2016, Ferguson was cast as the lead, Inanna, in "Split," a film by Deborah Kampmeier.
The Shannon Burke Show "Shannon has been terminated," Clear Channel Programming Director Chris Kampmeier was quoted as saying on May 4, 2009.. Kampmeier said company policy prohibited him from going into more detail. He said the temporary plans for Real Radio 104.1's midday show were for it to continue on with Soul Brother Kevin and the rest of the crew, which became effective immediately.
Virgin (film) Virgin is a 2003 American film, directed by Deborah Kampmeier and starring Elisabeth Moss, Robin Wright Penn and Daphne Rubin-Vega.