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koovappally    0.616287

palakuzha    0.608663

khandari    0.603940

kizhakkoth    0.595469

sasurie    0.595176

ammadam    0.589419

nedumpuram    0.587270

harippad    0.586206

muthukulathur    0.584735

cherukunnam    0.583095

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Article Example
Kallettumkara The following educational institutions are located in Kalletumkara :-
Cheloor Irinjalakuda Municipal Bus Stand and Irinjalakuda KSRTC Bus Stand are the nearest bus stands. Irinjalakuda Railway Station at Kalletumkara is the nearest railway station.
Aloor, Kerala Revenue Villages in Aloor Panchayat viz.Kallettumkara,Thazhekkad & Aloor came into existence in M.E 1081(AD 1905-06) by the Revenue Proclamation of the Maharaja of Kochi Kingdom.Aloor village Office is located in Vazhiyambalaparambu, Aloor since December 1980, before that it was in Kacheriparambu,Kalletumkara.
Kallettumkara There has been reunion of earlier football players which initiated KP Sunil and PL Joy memorial All Kerala Elevens Football tournament with support of Prominent citizens in Kallettumkara and abroad. Initially this was conducted by Mughal Football Club, Kallettumkara in 2008, as this club was prominent in early years of Kallettumkara Football, thereafter Kalletumkara Football academy was formed to rejuvenate sports and is conducting KP Sunil and PL Joy trophy. This tournament focus on University Champion Colleges across Kerala and is considered as best of its type in the state.