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Top 30 analogous words or synonyms for kagey

Article Example
Clem–Kagey Farm It was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 2009.
Clem–Kagey Farm Clem–Kagey Farm, also known as the Hiram C. Clem House and Kagey House, is a historic home and farm located near Edinburg, Shenandoah County, Virginia. The farmhouse was built in 1880, and is a two-story, five bay, frame I-house dwelling with an integral rear wing. It features a full width, two-story Italianate style ornamented front porch and two brick interior chimneys. Also on the property are the contributing frame garage (c. 1920, the two-story frame wagon shed/shop building (c. 1880), and granary (c. 1880).
Pedong The villages near Pedong include Sakyong, Kasyong, Dalep, Kagey, Upper Menchu and Lower Menchu.
Beautiful Angle In the summer of 1999, graphic designer Lance Kagey was introduced to the art of letterpress printing through a visit to a British Columbia studio and through a program at Seattle's School of Visual Concepts. Kagey purchased a circa-1950's Challenge proof press through eBay for $50. After paying more than 12 times that amount in shipping and after months of self-education and experimentation, Kagey and copywriter and author Tom Llewellyn began producing posters.
Seneca Indian School In 1928, a new principal was appointed, Joe Kagey. The school changed its admittance policy, and was opened to children of all tribes. It became an "institutional" school for children coming from situations of hardship. In 1952, there were 173 Cherokee students, and a number of students from other tribes. Kagey retired in 1956.
Lasers and Feelings Jonathan Wyner mastered the album. Engineering was done by Stephen Webber, Aubrey Webber and Ian Kagey. The album was edited by Stephen Webber, Aubrey Webber, Max Schad and Nick Ziegler. Mixing was done by Stephen Webber, Aubrey Webber and (on tracks 6–8) Ian Kagey.
Keni Stevens Keni set up his own record label and recording studio, Kagey Records, with long time friend, co-writer and producer, Morpheus G.
Edinburg, Virginia The Bowman-Zirkle Farm, Campbell Farm, Clem-Kagey Farm, Edinburg Historic District, Edinburg Mill, Dr. Christian Hockman House, Lantz Mill, and John Miley Maphis House are listed on the National Register of Historic Places.
Art and Culture Center of Hollywood This beautiful example of Mediterranean Revival architecture was built in the summer of 1924 by the home's founding family, Mr. and Mrs. Jack Kagey. Built for an estimated cost of $16,000, it is one of Hollywood's first show place homes and was completed a year before the City of Hollywood was incorporated. Jack Kagey was the sales manager of Joseph W. Young’s Hollywood Land and Water Company. He earned the seed money to build the home by winning a contest held by Young for his salesmen during the height of the 1920s real estate boom. Kagey and his 11-man team sold $426,260 in properties in just 10 weeks. First prize was a choice of a car or $5,000. Kagey took the money since he already owned two cars. The Kageys were in the home for just two years, when in September 1926, the structure withstood a devastating hurricane that ended the land boom and reduced the City's population from 18,000 people to just 2,000.
Beautiful Angle Beautiful Angle is a guerrilla arts poster project in Tacoma, Washington. Approximately once per month, graphic designer Lance Kagey and writer Tom Llewellyn create hand-crafted, letterpress posters and then distribute them around the city's downtown core via wheat paste and staples.