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tsaghkashen    0.910447

shenavan    0.902869

hnaberd    0.899801

geghadir    0.897297

saralanj    0.896006

bardzrashen    0.887203

geghanist    0.879435

katnaghbyur    0.877993

karaberd    0.873726

hatsik    0.866169

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Article Example
Jrashen, Lori Jrashen (), formerly known as Vardnav), is a major village in the Lori Province of Armenia.
Verin Jrashen Verin Jrashen (), is a neighbourhood in the Erebuni District of the Armenian capital Yerevan. It is very close by Argishti.
Jrashen, Ararat Jrashen (), is a village in the Ararat Province of Armenia.
Jrashen, Armavir Jrashen (), is a village in the Armavir Province of Armenia. It was founded in 1928. According to the 2001 census, the population was 727.
Verin Jrashen, Yerevan Verin Jrashen () is a neighbourhood in Yerevan, Armenia.
Argishti, Yerevan Argishti is a neighborhood in the Erebuni District of Yerevan, Armenia. It is very close by Verin Jrashen.
Erebuni District Mushavan and Verin Jrashen, originally villages at the eastern outskirts of Yerevan, were eventually absorbed by the city in 1965.
Nubarashen District The Nubarashen Road is the main access that connects the district with the rest of Yerevan, mainly through the Erebuni District. Nubarashen has a direct access with the nearby village of Jrashen which is located to the southwest of the district.
Erebuni District Erebuni has an area of 48 km² (21.52% of Yerevan city area), out of which 29 km² are occupied by residential or commercial buildings. Erebuni is the largest district of Yerevan in terms of area. The district is unofficially divided into smaller neighborhoods such as Erebuni neighbourhood, Nor Aresh, Saritagh, Vardashen, Mushavan, Verin Jrashen and Nor Butania. Sasuntsi Davit Square along with the metro station form the core of the district. The main streets of the district are Erebuni Street, Sasuntsi Davit Street, Liberators' Street, Ivan Ayvazovsky Street, Rostov-on-Don Street, David Bek Street, Arin Berd Street, Artsakh Avenue (formerly "Baku Avenue"), and the southern half of Movses Khorenatsi Street.