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金银姬    0.923921

lin_meijiao    0.914417

hong_huifang    0.909316

yao_wenlong    0.908971

wang_yuqing    0.906044

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Article Example
Jin Yinji Gam Ngan Gei (born 17 June 1949), better known as Jin Yinji, is a Singaporean television actress under MediaCorp.
Jin Yinji Jin was talent-spotted when she was a singer. In 1986, Jin made her acting debut in "Neighbours". Later, Jin was nominated for a popularity award, Top 10 Most Popular Female Artistes in Star Awards 2004 as she acted in numerous drama serials for the past two years. After 11 years of veteran acting, Jin was finally nominated for Best Supporting Actress in Star Awards 2013 for her role in "It Takes Two" and managed to be one of the lead actresses in a 2015 family drama series, "Super Senior".
Jin Yinji Jin will retire in February 2017, after her contract expires, following a 29 year career in show business.
The Gentlemen (TV series) A press conference was held at Cafe Melba in the new Mediacorp campus on 26 July 2016. Chen Hanwei, Pierre Png, Aloysius Pang, Carrie Wong, Paige Chua, Cynthia Koh and Jin Yinji attended the conference.
Hero (2016 TV series) A post screening session was conducted at Dakota Crescent's Care and Friends Centre. The cast of Hero - Shaun Chen, Jesseca Liu, Chen Hanwei, Bonnie Loo, Paige Chua, Ian Fang, Sheila Sim, Youyi, He Yingying, Aileen Tan, Brandon Wong and Jin Yinji were present. The first episode of the show was also broadcast there.