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jianhua    0.905496

xiaopeng    0.898599

yanmei    0.897011

yanfeng    0.894432

yafei    0.893232

jianping    0.892623

xiaohong    0.892493

lingwei    0.892045

guowei    0.888885

wenjun    0.887791

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Jiawei Han He was a professor in the School of Computing Science at Simon Fraser University. Currently he is a professor, at the Department of Computer Science in the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. He is also the Director of Information Network Academic Research Center (INARC) supported by Network Science Collaborative Technology Alliance (NSCTA) program of U.S. Army Research Lab (ARL).
Li Jiawei At the Beijing Olympics, table tennis team events are played in a best-of-five-matches format. Teams play two single matches followed by a doubles match. If there is no winner after these matches, the teams play a fourth singles match, and if necessary a rubber match to determine the winning team. On 13 August, the Singapore women's table tennis team coached by Liu Guodong, comprising Li as the team captain and her teammates Feng Tianwei and Wang Yuegu, beat teams from the United States and Nigeria with comfortable 3–0 wins. On 14 August, the Singapore team also defeated the Netherlands 3–0 to reach the semifinals, but not before a gruelling five-game doubles match against the Dutch players Li Jie and Elena Timina which Li Jiawei and Wang Yuegu eventually won 3–2. The next day, 15 August, the Singapore team defeated the South Korean team of Dang Ye-Seo, Kim Kyung-Ah and Park Mi-Young 3–2 in the semifinals, which went to five matches. Li lost her singles match to Korea's Kim, but beat Kim and Park in the doubles with her partner Wang. Singapore's Feng won both her singles matches against Dang and Park.
Li Jiawei On 17 August, Li and her teammates gained Singapore a silver medal in women's table tennis after losing to China in three matches. Li won the first game of her singles match, but was then defeated by her former Beijing Sports School teammate Zhang Yining. In the doubles match, China's Zhang and Guo Yue bested Singapore's Li and Wang Yuegu. This marked the first time that Singapore had won an Olympic medal since the nation's independence in 1965. The medal came 48 years after Tan Howe Liang won the country's first medal, a silver in weightlifting in the lightweight category at the 1960 Summer Olympics in Rome. Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong requested that the live English-language broadcast of his National Day Rally speech, which coincided with the table tennis finals, be postponed by a day. He also provided the audience with updates on the score, and made a conference call to Tan Eng Liang, Team Singapore's "chef de mission", to congratulate the team.
Li Jiawei Li announced her retirement from competitive sports on 27 December 2012. Although she planned to relocate to Beijing with her husband and son, she said she hoped to continue her involvement with table tennis in Singapore. The Singapore Table Tennis Association was said to be helping Li find employment in a Singapore company with operations based in China.
Zhu Jiawei Zhu Jiawei (Chinese: 朱家伟; Pinyin: "Zhū Jiāwěi", born 19 August 1990 in Xingning) is a Chinese football player.