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jiaqi    0.888865

guojun    0.887122

hongtao    0.886477

xiyao    0.886226

guohui    0.884905

yongqing    0.884459

zhengjie    0.883952

wenyi    0.883471

yanmei    0.882507

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Wang Jiasheng Wang was born in January 1955 in Liaoning Province. He formerly served as a political officer in the PLA General Armaments Department (GAD), where he held posts including deputy director and director of the Political Department, and deputy political commissar. In December 2014, he was appointed political commissar of the PLA Second Artillery Force, replacing General Zhang Haiyang, who had retired.
Wang Jiasheng Wang Jiasheng was made a member of the 18th Central Commission for Discipline Inspection in November 2012, and was promoted to the rank of lieutenant general in August 2013.
Wang Jiasheng Wang Jiasheng (; born January 1955) is a lieutenant general ("zhong jiang") of the People's Liberation Army (PLA) of China. He has been Political Commissar of the People's Liberation Army Rocket Force (previously known as the Second Artillery) since 2014.
Wang Jiasheng (table tennis) After retiring from his playing career, Wang worked at two factories in Guiyang, before returning to the national team as a coach in June 1972. In 1975, he returned to Guizhou and served as deputy director of the Guizhou provincial sports committee. He retired in 2007. He was a torch-bearer during the torch relay of the 2008 Beijing Olympics.
Wang Jiasheng (table tennis) Wang Jiasheng (; born 23 December 1943) is a former Chinese table tennis player and coach. He was a member of the Chinese team that won the men's team gold medal at the 1963 World Table Tennis Championships in Prague.
Wang Jiasheng (table tennis) Wang was born in Bijie, Guizhou Province, and became a table tennis player in 1958. A year later, he was chosen into the Chinese national team. At the 1963 World Table Tennis Championships in Prague, 19-year-old Wang Jiasheng was a member of the Chinese team (along with Zhuang Zedong, Li Furong, Xu Yinsheng, and Zhang Xielin) that defeated Japan to win the men's team championship, for the second time in Chinese history. Wang also won the bronze medal three times in men's doubles of the 1961, 1963, and 1965 world championships, with partners Zhou Lansun and Li Furong.
Bai Xuoqian He assisted Feng Jiasheng to ousted Yang Mao-liang in 1992. But he tried to replace Feng Jiasheng by himself later. His fail attempt to coup against Peng Jiasheng in 1992 was backed by Myanmar government. Later he allied with Myanmar forces to oust Peng Jiasheng during 3-days Kokang incident in 2009. Remnant MNDAA troops were reorganized as Border Guard Force #1006 under his supervision. He was elected for Amyotha Hluttaw representing Laukkai Constituency No. 2. in 2010 General Election and becomes the first Head of Kokang Self-Administered Zone. Kokang area under his ruling was known for drug and weapon trafficking. He was not much popular and escaped from an assassination attempt in March 2012.
Kokang Peng Jiasheng ruled Kokang since 1989 except he was ousted temporarily by rival Yang Moliang in 1992. He regain his power in the same year with the help of juntas but he was ousted again by juntas and replaced with his deputy Bai Xuoqian in 2009.
2009 Kokang incident Bai Xuoqian, vice-president under Peng Jiasheng, become new head of KoKang with the support of ruling junta in 2009. The portion of the MNDAA loyal to him became Border Guard Force #1006. He is also head of Kokang Self Administered Zone and a member of Myanmar parliament in 2011. The area was peaceful till new clashes between Peng Jiasheng's troops and Myanmar troops erupted in February 2015.
Yang Mao-liang Yang Mao-liang (; ; also spelled Yang Mouliang) is a high-ranking member of the Myanmar National Democratic Alliance Army (MNDAA). He was ousted by Feng Jiasheng from MNDAA and Kokang. He also controls an enterprise called Peace Myanmar Group, which holds the franchise for Mitsubishi Electric in Burma and operates a paint factory and liquor distillery (producing local brands like Myanmar Rum and Myanmar Dry Gin).