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Li Jianjun Li Jianjun (; born 1977) is an investigative journalist in the People's Republic of China from Shanxi province. He is best known for speaking out against the corruption of the state-run conglomerate China Resources located in Hong Kong. In 2014 he was recognised by Reporters Without Borders as one of the "100 Information Heroes".
Li Jianjun In 2014 Li was named by Reporters Without Borders as one of the journalists on the first ever list of "100 Information Heroes". Four Chinese citizens were included on the list. Of these, Li is the only one not facing persecution, though he had been fired from his job and faced death threats as well as kidnapping attempts.
He Jianjun He Jianjun began his film career like many of his contemporaries at the Beijing Film Academy, China's premiere film school. Upon graduating in 1990, he began an apprenticeship with some of the Fifth Generation's major figures, notably Zhang Yimou, Chen Kaige, and Tian Zhuangzhuang. He would serve as the assistant director in Zhang's "Raise the Red Lantern" (1992) and Tian's "The Blue Kite", as well as a screenwriter for Chen Kaige's "King of the Children" (1987), before his debut film, "Red Beads", was released in 1993 to strong reviews in the west. Filmed in only twelve days, "Red Beads" was based on the experiences of one of He's classmates, who had a psychotic break.
Jianjun Jianjun played for the Dalian Shide youth team, where he was highly regarded as the next Sun Jihai as well as also acquiring the nickname White due to his pale complexion. However, he struggled to follow in the former Chinese internationals favourite footsteps and break into the first team. He instead officially started his professional football career with Dalian Changbo, playing in the second tier of Chinese soccer. Making an immediate impact within the team in his debut season he played 23 games and scoring 2 goals in his debut season.
Jianjun On 4 May 2014, Lü returned to his former club Harbin Yiteng for the first time when Changchun played them in the league. The reunion was not a happy one for Lü as Changchun lost the Round 10 game 3-1 as well as picking up a Yellow Card on a tackle against Wang Dalong, which the Harbin manager Xin Duan thought was too lenient.
Wei Jianjun Wei Jianjun (; born 1964) is a Chinese businessman, chairman of Great Wall Motors, the largest Chinese SUV manufacturer.
Ma Jianjun Ma Jianjun (born 8 October 1984 in Baise, Guangxi) is a male Chinese water polo player who was part of the gold medal winning team at the 2007 National Championships. He competed at the 2008 Summer Olympics.
Wang Jianjun Wang was born in Yun County (now Yunyang District of Shiyan City) in Hubei Province. He joined the Communist Party in March 1984. He holds a graduate degree from the Central Party School.
Jianjun In the 2006 Chinese league season he transferred to ambitious third-tier club Harbin Yiteng where he immediately saw them win promotion to the second tier. This was soon followed by his selection for the Chinese U-23 football team before returning to his club where he played in 13 games throughout the 2007 league season. His performances for the Chinese youth team soon attracted the interests of Changchun Yatai who paid a transfer of CNY 1,000,000 and the chance to play in the Chinese Super League at the beginning of the 2008 league season.
Liu Jianjun Liu shared a number of mixed doubles titles on the world circuit. He won the China (1991), French (1992), and Thailand (1993) Opens with Wang Xiaoyuan, and the Asian Championships (1995) with Ge Fei. Liu was a bronze medalist at the 1996 Atlanta Olympics with yet another partner, Sun Man.