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Niu Jianfeng Niu Jianfeng (; born on April 3, 1981 in Baoding, Hebei) is a female Chinese table tennis player who competed in the 2004 Summer Olympics.
Zheng Jianfeng Zheng Jianfeng (Chinese: 郑剑锋; pinyin: "Zhèng Jiànfēng"; born 22 March 1989 in Dalian, Liaoning) is a professional Chinese footballer who currently plays as a defender for Dalian Transcendence in the China League One.
Lao Jianfeng He finished tenth in the long jump at the 1997 World Championships and won the silver medal in triple jump at the 2002 Asian Games. He competed in both events at the 2000 Olympic Games.
Zhang Jianfeng Zhang Jianfeng (; 745–800), courtesy name Benli (本立), was a Tang Dynasty statesman and general.
Zheng Jianfeng He transferred to Qingdao Jonoon in February 2013 after Dalian Shide dissolved.
Liu Jianfeng Liu Jianfeng (劉建鋒) (d. May 17, 896), courtesy name Ruiduan (銳端), was a warlord late in the Chinese dynasty Tang Dynasty, who controlled Wu'an Circuit (武安, headquartered in modern Changsha, Hunan) from 894 to his death in 896.
Liu Jianfeng In 886, Qin Zongquan put Sun Ru in command of an army to attack Tang's Heyang Circuit (河陽, headquartered in modern Jiaozuo, Henan); Sun prevailed over the acting military governor of Heyang, Zhuge Zhongfang (諸葛仲方), and took over the circuit. Despite the victory, Zhang Ji (張佶), who also served under Sun, secretly stated to Liu Jianfeng, "Lord Qin is harsh and paranoid, and will soon be destroyed. We have to find a way to avoid this fate ourselves." Liu, who saw the wisdom in Zhang's words, befriended him.
Niu Jianfeng She won the bronze medal in the women's doubles competition together with Guo Yue. In the women's singles competition she was eliminated in the round of 16.
Lao Jianfeng Lao Jianfeng (; born May 24, 1975) is a retired male Chinese long jumper. His personal best jump is 8.40 metres, achieved in May 1997 in Zhaoqing. This is the current Chinese record.
Liu Jianfeng It is not known when Liu Jianfeng was born, but it is known that he was from Langshan (朗山, in modern Zhumadian, Henan). At some point, he became an officer at Zhongwu Circuit (忠武, headquartered in modern Xuchang, Henan) and was stationed at Cai Prefecture (蔡州, in modern Zhumadian), which Langshan belonged to, as part of the effort to resist the major agrarian rebel Huang Chao, serving alongside his Zhongwu Circuit colleague Sun Ru, and both served under Qin Zongquan the military governor of Fengguo Circuit (奉國, headquartered at Cai Prefecture). They continued to serve under Qin after Qin had rebelled against the rule of Emperor Xizong and declared himself emperor.