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Zhou Jianan Zhou Jian'an () is a Chinese former volleyball player and current volleyball coach. Zhou has been the head coach of the China men's national volleyball team since 2006.
Wang Jianan (athlete) Wang Jianan (; born 27 August 1996) is a Chinese track and field athlete who competes in the long jump.
Wang Jianan (athlete) He competed in a heptathlon and a decathlon in 2012 but showed his aptitude for the long jump by winning at the Chinese Athletics Championships. One month after turning sixteen he jumped a personal best of 8.04 m to claim the national title.
Wang Jianan (athlete) He quickly rose to the top of the regional scene with a gold medal win at the 2013 Asian Athletics Championships.
Wang Jianan (table tennis) Wang Jianan (born 20 January 1983) is a Congo table tennis player. At the 2016 Summer Olympics he competed in the Men's singles.
Liujia District Liujia Village, Jiatung Village, Jianan Village, Longhu Village, Qijia Village, Erjia Village, Shuilin Village, Zhongshe Village, Guigang Village, Jingpu Village, Wangye Village, Daqiu Village.
2016 Asian Junior Women's Volleyball Championship Yang Hanyu, Qian Jingwen, Jiang Jing, Zhang Yuqian, Xie Xing, Cai Yaqian, Ouyang Qianqian, Zang Qianqian, Cai Xiaoqing, Wu Han, Gao Yi, Xu Jianan
Sealed With A Kiss (TV series) After the breakup, Zhenzhen started feeling the same as Danle after he confess and they soon became a couple - knowing how well-protected she is when with Danle. On the other hand, knowing that the kiss between Junning and Jianan changed their lives upside down, she went to confront Jianan - where he willingly wants to kiss Junning back so that she can have her life back, regardless the fact that he will become a jinx to others again. Will they return to their original state if Junning and Jianan kiss?
Taichung Port Station Taichung Port Station (), formerly known as Jianan Station, is a railway station on the Taiwan Railway Administration (TRA) Western Line (Coast Line) and the Taichung Port Line located in Qingshui District, Taichung, Taiwan.
Sealed With A Kiss (TV series) Zhu Jianan (Elvin Ng), is a man who is a jinx to the people around him. He has a crush on Du Junning and enjoys watching romantic Korean dramas, and often visualized her and himself as the leads, having an extremely romantic story plot. When he had an accidental kiss with Du Junning, he became a lucky star - good things kept coming towards him such as winning the lucky draw and became a famous designer overnight. However, his luck has attracted all his relatives whom disagreed to take Jianan in when he was much younger, trying to gain some benefits from him.