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Article Example
Jiali Jiali may refer to the following places in mainland China or Taiwan:
Ding Jiali In 1992, Ding won the "Best Supporting Actress" at the 12th Golden Rooster Awards for her performance in "Spring Festival".
Ding Jiali In 2001, Ding acted in Lu Xuechang's film "Cala, My Dog!" as Yu Lan, alongside Ge You and Ha Yu; she was nominated for "Best Actress" award at the 26th Hundred Flowers Awards and the 4th Chinese Film Media Awards.
Jiali Plaza Jiali Plaza (), also known as Ping An Building, is a tall skyscraper located in Wuhan, China. The 61 storey building was completed in 1997 under the design by WMKY Lim. The building has two underground floors which are used as a car park.
Ding Jiali Ding was born in 1959 in Jiamusi, Heilongjiang, she graduated from Shanghai Theatre Academy, majoring in acting. After graduating she was assigned to the National Theatre Company of China, she met his first boyfriend, they had sex and she was pregnant, at this time, the boyfriend abandoned her, she had to have an abortion in a village of Beijing.