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Jeanette Aw Aw was born in Singapore to parents with ancestry from Fujian, China. She has an elder sister and an elder brother. Coming from an English-speaking family, Aw rarely used Mandarin in their conversations. She considered her childhood blessed and fortunate because her parents provided for everything that she needed. Growing up with a carefree nature, she was an introvert and was "the kind of girl who loved reading, writing and drawing". Aw wanted to be a dancer, an artist or a child psychologist.
Jeanette Aw Attending Raffles Girls' Primary School, Crescent Girls' School, National Junior College and National University of Singapore, Aw was a school prefect and a model student. Her best subjects were English Literature and English, and she scored an A for art at the O Levels. Aw did gymnastics in primary school, dance in secondary school and swimming in junior college. She started ballet training at 13, and Aw went on to dance almost everyday before signing her first acting contract. She also played the saxophone in her secondary school concert band and trained for a girl group in junior college. In university, Aw was President of the NUS Dance Ensemble. Though she considered majoring in child psychology because of her love for children, Aw planned to pursue a career on stage and eventually graduated with a Bachelor of Arts (Honours) Degree in Theatre Studies.
Jeanette Aw Following two years of non-stop filming, Aw became less productive in 2005. In January, she starred as Fang Lixiang in "My Lucky Charm" alongside Huang Biren. That year, Aw filmed one drama, "The Rainbow Connection", where she played Ding Yingying, a talented dancer who has stage fright. This drama involved an ensemble cast drawing from Singapore, mainland China, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Malaysia. As Aw was also a dancer, she performed in many dancing scenes. Though Aw did not manage a Best Actress nomination at Star Awards 2005, she managed to win her third "Top 10 Most Popular Female Artistes" award. In 2006, Aw played a schizophrenic character who hated her father in "C.I.D." before starring in "Through It All". She clinched her fourth "Top 10 Most Popular Female Artistes" award at Star Awards 2006. In December 2006, the term Seven Princesses of Mediacorp was coined as part of Mediacorp publication "iWeekly's" 476th issue cover story. Aw was named as one of the 7 Princesses along with Jesseca Liu, Felicia Chin, Fiona Xie, Rui En, Joanne Peh and Dawn Yeoh.
Jeanette Aw It was announced in May that year that Aw would play Zhao Fei Er for the second time in blockbuster drama "The Dream Makers II", the sequel to the 2013 hit series. Even before filming begun, Aw's Best Actress award chances at the following year's Star Awards were highlighted. Aw explained that her character would suffer from depression and she has done some research on the characteristics and behaviour of depression patients to better portray her role. In July, Aw and co-star Zoe Tay promoted the drama at the China International Film & TV Programs Exhibition in Beijing. Later in November, Aw's debut film, "Find My Dad", grossed $37,850 over a 14-day limited release. Produced in Malaysia in 2012, Aw played a single mother. At the inaugural PPCTV MediaCorp Awards in Cambodia, Aw was the most decorated artiste, nabbing "Favourite Lead Actress" and "Favourite Female TV Character" for portraying Zhao Fei Er in "The Dream Makers". Following the airing of "The Dream Makers II" in December"," Aw's embodiment of the role was lauded. She went on to clinch the awards for "Best Actress", "Favourite Female Character" and "Favourite Onscreen Couple" at Star Awards 2016. Aw later starred in mid-year blockbuster drama "The Dream Job" and netted her eighth "Best Actress" nomination at Star Awards 2017 thereafter. She plays a triad gangster in season two of the Channel 8 long-form TV drama, 118, and was injured by a shattered glass door during its filming.
Jeanette Aw When her close friend died soon after giving birth to a set of triplets, Aw stepped in and played mother to them. She has nurtured the children and cared for their emotional and mental growth since then, calling them every day and visiting them as often as three times a week. The father, who was working in an events company, traveled often, and the children were often in her care.
Jeanette Aw Aw's interests include reading and writing. As a personal project, she has also been working on a script for a short film. Comparing acting with writing, Aw said: “In terms of better expression of myself, it’s definitely through writing... Well, I do hope to develop my own scripts in future – that is really the next step for me.”
Jeanette Aw Aw is also the only Singapore television actress with at least a million Facebook fans. Along with seven triumphs at the Singapore Blog Awards and the "Social Media Award" at Star Awards in 2014 and 2015, Aw is popularly referred to as Caldecott Hill’s social media queen.
Jeanette Aw Aw's drama "The Peak" was screened on January 2007. She played Zhong Xiao Yang, a ship construction worker who became wheelchair-bound after saving her boyfriend. The drama was filmed around the time of Aw's loss of her godmother, and while many expected her to be nominated for Best Actress at the annual Star Awards, she did not manage a return to the nominees list. In July, Aw was involved in "Switched!" starring opposite Fann Wong, where she played Jiang Xinhui, a famous, willful and materialistic actress. Her final 2007 drama, "Dear, Dear Son-In-Law", was screened on October 2007.
Jeanette Aw In 2008, Aw spent four months filming in China for the Chinese production "The Shaolin Warriors." She then starred as Chen Xiaorou in "Rhythm of Life and" Lin Keyi in "The Defining Moment" where she was praised for her good acting. Then came Aw's big opportunity: to star in Mediacorp's mega-blockbuster production, "The Little Nyonya". Several actresses auditioned for the main female lead role for which Aw was selected. Many viewers saw it as a series conceived to boost Aw's television career and to secure the Best Actress award for her at the following Star Awards, and criticism was leveled at Mediacorp's bias towards Aw. Several viewers also believed that the producers intentionally wrote Aw's first role as a mute in attempt to conceal her imperfect delivery of Mandarin. In response, producers lauded Aw's work, saying that she performed in a professional manner. Aw's dual portrayal of Yamamoto Yueniang and Huang Juxiang (the mother to her primary character) was also praised by members of the audience. The drama became the most watched Singapore drama in 15 years and was a huge success. Aw gained many more fans and was hailed as the third-generation "Ah Jie." Despite receiving a third Best Actress nomination at Star Awards 2009, Aw surprisingly lost to her co-star Joanne Peh. In end-2009, Aw acted in "Together" with Dai Xiangyu for the third time.
Jeanette Aw In May 2015, Aw followed up with her second book, "Sol’s World: Somebody to Love", concerning the titular character’s journey of self-discovery. The picture book is the result of over two years of hard work and all illustrations were hand-painted. The character Sol began as an illustration which accompanied Aw’s column in Mediacorp publication "iWeekly" in 2010. Over the years, she grew attached to the character and decided to make Sol the central figure of this book. As part of its Children’s Season "Masak Masak 2015", Aw's artwork from the book and new drawings were exhibited at the National Museum of Singapore from May to August 2015. The "Sol’s World: Somebody to Love" exhibition included her display "Simple Pleasures in Life & Life’s Best Journey is with The One You Love" and two other artist interpretations of her book.