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JDO Media The lawsuit alleges that many of the messages, which deluged Microsoft Hotmail accounts in particular, were sent via hijacked computers, using open proxies and false headers to conceal the true senders, in violation of the federal CAN-SPAM law. It is also alleged that JDO Media has no contact information, other than past advertising at various now-defunct websites.
JDO Media JDO Media, Inc. is a Florida-based company which, together with 50 unnamed parties, was sued by Microsoft in March 2004 as part of a larger class-action lawsuit against various spammers.
JDO Media The company is run by John McLeod and David Penn from the former's home in the Tampa Bay area. The messages sent invite recipients to join the company's multi-level marketing program (effectively a pyramid scheme).
Java Data Objects Java Data Objects (JDO) is a specification of Java object persistence. One of its features is a transparency of the persistence services to the domain model. JDO persistent objects are ordinary Java programming language classes (POJOs); there is no requirement for them to implement certain interfaces or extend from special classes. JDO 1.0 was developed under the Java Community Process as JSR 12. JDO 2.0 was developed under JSR 243 and was released on May 10, 2006. JDO 2.1 was completed in Feb 2008, developed by the Apache JDO project. JDO 2.2 was released in October 2008. JDO 3.0 was released in April 2010.
Java Data Objects Leading JDO commercial implementations and open source projects also offer a JPA API implementation as an alternative access to their underlying persistence engines, formerly exposed solely via JDO in the original products. There are many open source implementations of JDO.
Java Data Objects JDO enhanced classes are portable across different vendors' implementation. Once enhanced, a Java class can be used with any vendor's JDO product.
Java Data Objects Object persistence is defined in the external XML metafiles, which may have vendor-specific extensions. JDO vendors provide developers with "enhancers", which modify compiled Java class files so they can be transparently persisted. (Note that byte-code enhancement is not mandated by the JDO specification, although it is the commonly used mechanism for implementing the JDO specification's requirements.) Currently, JDO vendors offer several options for persistence, e.g. to RDBMS, to OODB, or to files.
Java Data Objects JDO is integrated with Java EE in several ways. First of all, the vendor implementation may be provided as a . Secondly, JDO may work in the context of JEE transaction services.
Mordechai Levy Levy is also known for his running legal battles with independent licensed investigator and noted electronic privacy researcher (and former JDO member) Steven Rombom, for which Rombom would ultimately sue Levy and the JDO for in 1997 alleging defamation, false light invasion of privacy, and incitement to violence., for his incessant attacks against ADL founder Abraham Foxman and others. Along with JDO activist A. J. Weberman, also known for his activism in the Youth International Party (Yippies,) Levy and the JDO were successfully sued for libel more recently and fined $850,000.
Jewish Defense Organization The Jewish Defense Organization (JDO) is a militant Jewish organization in the United States.