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turun    0.815563

veikot    0.814527

palloseura    0.808595

rauman    0.802948

kuopion    0.798349

jalkapalloklubi    0.796900

urheilijat    0.795423

valkeakosken    0.790576

kokkola    0.787688

vitonen    0.786697

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Jakobstads Centralplan Jakobstads Centralplan is a multi-use stadium in Jakobstad, Finland. It is currently used mostly for football matches and is the home stadium of FF Jaro. The stadium holds 5,000.
Jakobstads BK Jakobstads BK, also known as JBK, is a Finnish soccer team from Jakobstad currently playing in Kakkonen, a third tier soccer league in Finland. The club's home venue is Västra plan and the Head Coach is Toni Mensakov.
Jakobstads BK The club’s early history was significant as they played 16 seasons in the Suomisarja (Finland League), which at that time was the second tier of Finnish football, over three periods from 1948, 1950 and 1952–65.
Jakobstads Tidning In 2008 it merged with "Österbottningen" to form "Österbottens Tidning". At the time of the merge, "Jakobstads Tidning" was the third largest Swedish-language newspaper in Finland in terms of circulation, behind "Hufvudstadsbladet" and "Vasabladet".
Jakobstads BK The club was founded at a meeting held on December 14, 1944. Jakobstads Bollklubb's first official match was played on May 10, 1945 against NIK. The team's captain at that time, Lasse Hellund, scored the club's first goal. JBK later won the match 3–1.
Jakobstads BK More recently, JBK has mostly been represented in Kakkonen or in regional leagues (Kolmonen and lower). Since the early 1970s, the club has played in Kakkonen for 21 seasons in total (1973–75, 1977–78, 1996–97, 1999–2011, and 2014).
Jakobstads Tidning Jakobstads Tidning (abbr. JT) was a Swedish language regional newspaper in Finland published between 1898 and 2008.
Jakobstads Tidning "Jakobstads Tidning" was first published on 21 December 1898 originally as a weekly newspaper. In 2000, "JT" became a daily newspaper, having previously been published six times a week.
Jakobstads Tidning Its headquarters was located in Jakobstad with local offices located in Kokkola and Nykarleby. In 1996 the paper had a circulation of 11,972 copies. "JT"'s circulation was 12,130 copies, most of which were sold in Jakobstad and surrounding regions in northern Ostrobothnia.
Coat of arms of Jakobstad The Swedish name for the coat of arms of Jakobstad ("Jakobstads vapen") has also been used for a ketch rigged vessel galeas replica called the "Jacobstads Wapen".