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cheonhwangsan    0.833428

sithayankottai    0.828053

chellipalayam    0.825477

shedi    0.823005

gajularega    0.822210

yeongchuksan    0.820751

muruganpalayam    0.819807

perumbaikad    0.815039

sayapuram    0.810882

sivanthipuram    0.809876

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Article Example
Jaeyaksan Jaeyaksan is a mountain of South Korea. It has an elevation of 1,108 metres. It is part of the Yeongnam Alps mountain range.
Pyochungsa Pyochungsa, originally Jungnimsa, is a Korean Buddhist temple of the Jogye Order of Korean Buddhism. It stands on the slopes of Jaeyaksan mountain near Cheonhwangsan in the Yeongnam Alps in Danjang-myeon, northern Miryang, South Korea.
Miryang As elsewhere in the Yeongnam region, the landscape is very lumpy, with many craggy hills and low mountains. The highest mountain in Miryang is Gajisan (1240 m), which stands on the northern border. Other high peaks along the border include Hwaaksan and Cheonhwangsan (also called Jaeyaksan). These peaks are part of the Yeongnam Alps, a branch of the Taebaek Mountains.
Ulsan There are 7 tall mountains (Gajisan, Sinbulsan, Ganwolsan, cheonhwangsan, yeongchuksan, Goheonsan, Jaeyaksan) over 1,000m above sea level. Sinbulsan (MT.) Ridge, which changes to a fantastic silver grass field in autumn, is one of the best sights to see in the Yeongnam Alps. Eoksae festival is held every early October in Ganwoljae which is best known for its colony of silver grass.