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karjula    0.837940

jaskari    0.817067

kuoppala    0.815561

iisakki    0.811197

marja_leena    0.811055

kauppila    0.808828

artturi    0.806748

ensio    0.806597

kulmala    0.805357

hyytiäinen    0.805132

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Juha Leiviskä The son of engineer Toivo Ilmari Leiviskä and teacher Sonja Jämsén-Astala, Leiviskä studied architecture at Helsinki University of Technology, qualifying as an architect in 1963. He established his own office in 1964, while also working as a teaching assistant at Helsinki University of Technology.
Demilich (band) "20th Adversary of Emptiness" contains everything Demilich have ever recorded, starting from "Regurgitation of Blood" demo (1991) and rounding things off with three songs the band recorded during their brief comeback in 2006. The only Demilich full-length album "Nespithe" has been reissued several times over the years in various guises, but always using the inferior 16-bit CD masters and sometimes brickwalled beyond recognition. For this release the band dug up the original unmastered 24 bit studio tapes for "Nespithe" and best possible sources for the demo material, and then had Sami Jämsén of Studio Perkele thoroughly clean everything up and create new masters.