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mahamadou    0.866995

tandja    0.843215

oumarou    0.826125

djermakoye    0.824465

daddah    0.813420

mahamane    0.808005

alassane    0.795935

ouattara    0.784777

seyni    0.782419

bouteflika    0.779066

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Mahamadou Issoufou Issoufou placed fourth (receiving only 7.60% of the vote) in the flawed and controversial 7–8 July 1996 presidential election that gave Maïnassara an outright victory. Along with the three other opposition candidates, Issoufou was placed under house arrest on the second day of polling and held for two weeks. Afterward, he refused to meet with Maïnassara, unsuccessfully appealed to the Supreme Court for the election to be annulled, and the PNDS called for demonstrations. On July 26, he was again placed under house arrest, along with another leading PNDS member, Mohamed Bazoum; they were freed on the order of a judge on 12 August. Following a pro-democracy demonstration on 11 January 1997, Issoufou was arrested along with Ousmane and Tandja and held until 23 January.
Mahamadou Issoufou Issoufou won the January–March 2011 presidential election in a second round of voting against MNSD candidate Seyni Oumarou and was inaugurated as President on 7 April 2011, succeeding Salou Djibo, the Chairman of the Supreme Council for the Restoration of Democracy. He named Brigi Rafini as Prime Minister.
Mahamadou Issoufou In July 2011, a planned assassination of Issoufou was allegedly uncovered. A major, lieutenant, and three other soldiers in Niger's military were arrested.
Issoufou Habou Issoufou Habou (born 1945) is a former Nigerien light-middleweight boxer. Habou competed at the 1972 Summer Olympics for Niger. He lost his only match to Mohamed Majeri of Tunisia.
Issoufou Assoumane Although the UDSN-Talaka was part of the presidential majority coalition supporting President Tandja, Assoumane expressed opposition to Tandja's efforts to call a referendum on a new constitution that would allow him to run for re-election in 2009. Later, after the success of the referendum, he was present for an opposition rally in Niamey on 13 December 2009. On that occasion, he said that it was the will of the people that Tandja leave office on 22 December, the date his term was originally scheduled to end.
Issoufou Sidibé Issoufou Sidibé is a Nigerien labour leader and politician who is the Secretary-General of the Democratic Confederation of the Workers of Niger (CDTN).
Issoufou Sidibé Speaking on Radio Kakaki in late September 2004, CDTN Secretary-General Sidibé urged Nigerien workers to vote against President Mamadou Tandja in the November 2004 presidential election, accusing Tandja of treating workers' demands with contempt. He was a leader in the coalition against the high cost of living; in late March 2005, after the coalition called for a general strike on 5 April 2005, Sidibé was wanted by the police.
Issoufou Sidibé On 5 March 2007, Sidibé criticized the composition of a new government that he said retained figures who were involved in political and financial scandals. He said that Nigeriens wanted a government composed of "new and technically competent men and women", and he also criticized the expansion of the government from 26 to 31 members, saying that this burdened the taxpayer with the needless expense of additional ministerial salaries.
Issoufou Sidibé Sidibé and the opposition called for the people to boycott the referendum, which was scheduled for 4 August 2009, instead of participating and voting "no". The referendum was held as planned, and in the absence of opposition participation it passed by an overwhelming margin. Following the arrest of opposition leader Marou Amadou on 10 August 2009, Sidibé said that the arrest was intended to intimidate the rest of the opposition. Sidibé announced on 16 August that the Coordination of Democratic Forces for the Republic (CFDR) opposition coalition would conduct nationwide protests against the referendum's "fantasy results" on 20 August.
Issoufou Idrissa He was a member of the Niger national football team.