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Article Example
Irala Irala is a village in Chittoor district of the Indian state of Andhra Pradesh. It is the mandal headquarters of Irala mandal.
Blas Irala Blas Bernardo Irala Rojas (born 30 November 1983 in Piribebuy, Paraguay) is a Paraguayan footballer currently playing for Crucero del Norte of the Primera B Nacional in Argentina.
Adriano Irala In 1911, he finished high school with a gold medal, and joined the Facultad de Derecho y Ciencias Sociales where he earned his doctorate thesis with “El Ejecutivo Colegiado”.
Adriano Irala He joined the Paraguayan delegation that traveled to Peru for the celebrations of the centennial of the battle of Ayacucho, where he delivered a speech expressing his gratitude for the Peruvian solidarity in the war of 65.
Adriano Irala He volunteered to serve in the Chaco war. He was incorporated into the army with the rank of Major to act as auditor of war in command of operations. During the contest he caught a serious illness, which eventually killed him. He was evacuated to Asunción, where he died 18 August 1933.
Adriano Irala Writer Carlos Zubizarreta called Irala "one of the purest and balanced minds of his generation".
Adriano Irala Irala was born 21 July 1894 in San Jose de los Arroyos.
Adriano Irala Adriano Irala belonged to the romantic liberal generation, which according to the vision of Republican politician and writer Natalicio Gonzalez, Paraguay broke into the post-war "as an intellectual tragedy."
Adriano Irala Adriano Irala (July 21, 1894 - August 18, 1933) was a Paraguayan intellectual, professor and journalist.
Adriano Irala He married Zoraida Burgos, and they had two sons - Adriano and Geronimo Irala Burgos, both intellectuals and artists.