Top 10 similar words or synonyms for invigorated

reinvigorated    0.724169

revitalized    0.675794

stifled    0.625301

revitalised    0.610128

nurtured    0.598732

edified    0.586022

enthralled    0.566666

awed    0.565661

mesmerized    0.564082

enlivened    0.553059

Top 30 analogous words or synonyms for invigorated

Article Example
Marek Kanievska It was such fun to work this way and we were all thoroughly invigorated."
Cumbernauld House In early 2010 a re-invigorated Facebook campaign was launched entitled 'Save and Preserve Cumbernauld House'.
Alberto Guani Amarilla Re- invigorated the Brazil-Uruguayan Cultural Institute and expanded its reach and services throughout the entire Brazilian Federative Republic.
Qatari municipal elections, 2015 Only 5 female candidates ran for election. This invigorated discussion on the possible establishment of a quota for female candidates.
Proof (2005 film) In flashbacks, Robert is shown suddenly invigorated, believing he has seen the beginnings of a new mathematical proof that will prove his triumph over mental illness.
Sacred garden The practise of creating sacred gardens is re-invigorated and adapted for modern times in the "Ringing Cedars" series of books by Russian author Vladimir Megre.
KUOW-FM KUOW's site states its mission as, "to create and serve an informed public, one challenged and invigorated by an understanding and appreciation of events, ideas, and cultures."
John Morris Russell Russell has consistently won international praise for music-making and leadership. As Music Director of the Windsor Symphony Orchestra, Russell fostered a decade of artistic growth and invigorated the musical life of the Windsor-Essex region.
A. J. Balaban In the early Forties, Spyros Skouras approached Balaban about managing The Roxy Theatre near Times Square, which was not operating profitably. Its executive group consisted of people Balaban knew; rather than replace them, he re-invigorated them.
Milan Papyrus Scholarly work on the Milan Papyrus, on Posidippus, who is now revealed in a broader range of subjects, and on the Alexandrian literary epigram in general, was invigorated by the discovery and proceeds apace.