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disclosure    0.595745

inventions    0.528519

exemplary    0.517378

aforementioned    0.496403

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novel    0.465655

innovative    0.462438

aforesaid    0.460070

foregoing    0.458443

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Article Example
Inventive Designers Guy Dehond was one of the beta testers of the AS/400 (codenamed "Silverlake") at IBM. Dehond and Morren had worked with this system for years, and their first products were for the AS/400. Later they started to design products for cross-platform environments. Today, the company specializes in software solutions for customer communications management in the public, financial, telecommunications, utility, insurance and healthcare industry, in over 30 countries.
Inventive Designers Scriptura is based on the separation of content and layout, and the templates that are created with the Scriptura Designer were independent of the final output format. It was the Scriptura Server that did the transformation from XSL-FO into a final output format. That way, a single template could be used for every output format. Support for multichannel output was implemented and customers started asking for post-processing operations like bundling, sorting and grouping. This resulted in the release of the Scriptura Bundler component (2005), which later evolved into the Scriptura PostProcessor (2007).
Inventive Designers The PostProcessor was a Java API, so additional programming was needed to implement it. Also, there was a need for better pluggability and a need to cover the entire document process. And since Scriptura wanted to offer the opportunity to be used by non-IT users, a graphical interface was needed. In 2008, the Scriptura DocumentFlow was released, a graphical interface that enabled users to design the whole document process, from data retrieval to output delivery.
Inventive Designers IntelliStamp has received multiple awards since its first release.
Inventive Designers In 2015 Inventive Designers sold the IntelliStamp software to Cipal. The sale only includes the technology behind IntelliStamp. With this sales Inventive Designers can now concentrate more on the international growth of its customer communications platform Scriptura Engage.
Inventive spelling Critics of inventive spelling have argued that inventive spelling does not produce superior writing skills.
Inventive spelling Writing and reading are complex cognitive processes of encoding and decoding symbols, of which spelling forms only part. "Look and say" form an image of a word without spelling. Spelling training may require children to write out lists of words repeatedly, or engage in competitive spelling bee tests. Such methods of instruction do not tend to improve students' understanding of the relationship between spelling and pronunciation on any words except those prescribed.
Inventive spelling There are also sight words that do not follow patterns; children need to memorize conventional spellings for these words, such as "who".
Inventive spelling For those teachers who emphasize constructivist, inventive spellings, there are further advantages:
Inventive Designers On January 5, 2015 Joke Dehond was named ICT Woman of the Year 2015.