Top 10 similar words or synonyms for innovating

innovate    0.687332

revolutionizing    0.601884

envisioning    0.600894

commercializing    0.587795

visionary    0.575022

innovated    0.571761

conceptualizing    0.571590

inventing    0.570118

reinventing    0.554315

popularizing    0.550197

Top 30 analogous words or synonyms for innovating

Article Example
GMV Innovating Solutions The GMV insightArthroVR arthroscopy surgery simulator is a Space Foundation Certified Space Technology(TM).
GMV Innovating Solutions GMV is present in the following cities and countries:
GMV Innovating Solutions GMV, founded in 1984, is a privately owned corporate group with international presence. It has more than 1000 employees.
Guangdong University of Foreign Studies innovating the mode of talent cultivation — the experimental zone of Innovating
Industrial Technology Research Institute 1985: Innovating carbon fiber bicycles with Giant.
Younes Shokrkhah WSIS Forum 2015 | Innovating Together: Enabling ICTs for Sustainable Development.
Medical scribe Innovating Healthcare across the Specialties - Clinical Certified Medical Scribe Specialists
Canadian Medical Association In 2012, the CMA launched the Innovating for Patients campaign to highlight physicians across Canada who are innovating to better meet the needs of their patients. The campaign is part a of the CMA’s Health Care Transformation in Canada initiative.
John Mraz Director, Innovating Nicaragua/Nicaragua innovando, Managua and Puebla: Ministerio del Interior and UAP, 1986/87.
Sands School OECD (2008) "Innovating to Learn, Learning to Innovate" OECD Publishing ISBN 9264047972