Top 10 similar words or synonyms for infertile

subfertile    0.762018

azoospermic    0.756431

subfertility    0.728207

ovulating    0.697299

nulliparous    0.695967

prepubertal    0.695135

nonpregnant    0.692619

vasectomised    0.690254

parous    0.687927

liveborns    0.686811

Top 30 analogous words or synonyms for infertile

Article Example
Age and female fertility In Hungary, a study by the (Central Statistics Office) estimated that 7%–12% of Hungarian women younger than 30 were infertile; 13%–22% of women age 35 were infertile; and 24%–46% of women age 40 were infertile.
Campinarana Tropical soils are generally infertile, and white sand soils are among the most infertile of such soils, primarily composed of quartz sand.
Mill Creek (Roaring Creek) Mill Creek is an infertile stream with cold water.
Floral formula Prenner "et al." propose superscript zero for a lost organ, and superscript "r" for a reduced one. Ronse De Craene uses a degree symbol to mark a staminode (infertile stamen) or pistillode (infertile carpel).
Blue eye disease Adults of both sexes may become infertile and sows may suffer from abortions and stillbirths.
Buru babirusa The babirusa has been documented to produce infertile hybrids with the domestic pig.
Pinus occidentalis Symbiotic relationships with ectomycorrhizal fungi enable Hispaniolan pines to grow on shallow, infertile soils.
Alan William Greenwood He had no children by either marriage and ironically is presumed to have been infertile.
Painted fish Hormone administration can sometimes increase colouration, although it can also render female fish infertile.
Arable land Some examples of infertile non-arable land being turned into fertile arable land are: