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Indrajit Indrajit was trained under the guidance of Shukra and obtained all kinds of divine weapons of man, Devas, asura's and Trimurti's. The weaponry is categorized mainly into two types. One is Shastra, a handheld weapon like sword, lance or mace. The other is astra, a projectile missile invoked by reciting hymns.
Indrajit It was first published in 1861, incidentally the year of birth of the Bengali author, Rabindranath Tagore, who afterwards wrote a review on it. The ballad is divided into 9 different "sarga"s, i.e. parts. Each part exhibits different incidents. Starting from the death of Beerbahu, son of Ravana, it is continued till the sati-daha (the ancient Indian custom of burning the widows alive with the dead husband) of Prameela, Meghnad's beloved wife.
Indrajit In Xena: Warrior Princess, Indrajit was a major antagonist in season 4. A severe enemy of Eli, who was a follower of peace and light, his goal was to vanquish him. Xena, fully aware of the situation at hand, took it upon herself to protect Eli and Gabrielle. As it often occurred in the Xenaverse, a battle was inevitable. At first, the battle between him and Xena seemed to go in his favor. After a dramatic battle sequence, he cut off both of her arms. As she lay there dying, she called upon Krishna, who took over her body to battle him. She grew her arms back, as well as two others. Ultimately, he fell at the hands of Xena and Krishna. While still under the direction of Krishna, Xena used one of her hooks to decapitate Indrajit.
Indrajit Indrajit was the eldest son of Ravana and his wife Mandodari. He was named Meghanada because his birth cry sounded like thunder. When Meghnadh was going to be born, Ravana wished his son to be supreme so that no one in the world could defeat him. Ravana wanted his son to be the ultimate warrior and extremely knowledgeable. Ravana knew a great priest and as per his instructions he commanded all the planets and constellations in such a position that would allow his son to be born the way he wanted. Because of Ravana’s anger and power, all the planets and constellation feared him. All the planets were in the position as desired by Raavan at time of his son Meghnad’s birth. All the planets aligned in such a way that they come in he 11th house of his Meghnad’s horoscope and an ultimate warrior was born.
Indrajit At a very young age, Meghanada became the possessor of several supreme celestial weapons, including Brahmanda astra, Pashupatastra and Vaishnavastra, under the guidance of Shukra, the guru of the daitya(demons). He was married to Sulochana, the daughter of the King of the Serpents Shesha Naga.
Indrajit Indrajit joined the battle when all his brothers had been killed by Rama and his army. His father, Ravana, had been humiliated in the battle by Rama and his paternal uncle Kumbhakarna had been killed by Rama. Indrajit fought with Rama's army for three days.
Indrajit When Indrajit came to know that Lakshmana had survived again, he went to his native deity's secret temple to perform the yagna that would make him immortal. Vibhishana, Indrajit's paternal uncle who left Ravana to join Rama, learned of his nephew Indrajit's plans through his spies and alerted Rama. Lakshmana and Vibhisana took the opportunity to face Indrajit in the "Yagnaagaar", where Indrajit would not touch any weapons . As the Valmiki Ramayana quotes, upon his Yagna being destroyed by the armies of Lakshmana, Indrajit became enraged and stormed out of the Temple Cave. Indrajit fought Lakshmana with the utensils of the yagna.
Indrajit Ravana, along with his sons, were the ones performing evil deeds in the "Ramayana", which was originally written in Sanskrit by the sage Valmiki. But Dutta claims to have found a tragic hero in Ramayana, as he was conversant Western literature. He feels a shadow of Hector of Troy in Meghnad and Karna in Mahabharata. According to him, he realized why Ravana had perpetrated such crimes and Meghnad was slayed by Lakshmana. He says that Meghnad was worshiping Lord Shiva in the royal temple of Lanka, while Lakshmana attacked him with some help from Vibhishana who is eventually an uncle of Meghnad. Meghnad asked not to fight with an unarmed person, rebuking Lakshmana as a coward; but Lakshmana did not heed him. This unfortunate hero twice endangered Rama but could not survive himself in this unfair battle. This is the central theme of this epic. Here Meghnad is shown to be a patriot, a loving husband, a caring son and a friend to his countrymen.
Indrajit During a battle between the Devas and Ravana, Meghanada defeated all the Devas and Indra. Meghanada tied and mounted Indra onto his celestial chariot and dragged him to Ravana in Lanka. Ravana and Meghanada decided to kill Indra. At this juncture, Brahma intervened and asked Meghanada to free Indra. Meghanada obliged and was granted a chance to ask for a boon from Brahma. Meghanada asked for immortality, but Brahma remarked that absolute immortality is against the law of the nature. Instead, he was then granted another boon that after the completion of his "Yagna"(fire-worship) of his native goddess Prathyangira would be completed, he will become immortal. But Brahma also cautioned him that whosoever would destroy this yagna would also kill him. It was Brahma who gave him the name "Indrajit" ("the conqueror of Indra").
Indrajit Rama sent Hanuman to know about Sita, who were held captive by Ravana in Lanka. Hanuman met Sita and passed the message of Rama to Sita. The other purpose of this mission was to spy on Lanka and its forces. On the way Hanuman encountered the troops of Ravana. Hanuman fought with them and swiftly destroyed many soldiers. But things changed when Indrajit entered the battlefield. Hanuman was no match for Indrajit who used his superior skills in celestial weapons and magic in the battle. Though due to the boons by various gods, the most celestial weapon's of Indrajit had no effect on Hanuman. This promoted Indrajit to use powerful celestial weapons including the Brahmastra. Due to an earlier boon by Lord Brahma, Hanuman was not killed by Brahmastra but to keep the glory of creator Brahma's weapon Brahmastra, Hanuman voluntarily surrendered to this astra's intense energy and fall unconscious which caused his defeat in the battle. Indrajit arrested Hanuman and presented him in front of his father King Ravana.