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leopard_panthera_pardus    0.887356

clouded_leopard_neofelis_nebulosa    0.886850

tiger_panthera_tigris    0.883720

aonyx_cinereus    0.870968

nt_order_perissodactyla    0.869560

chaus_lc    0.866030

leopard_neofelis    0.862292

subfamily_pantherinae    0.860190

sumatran_serow    0.859966

genus_neofelis    0.859455

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Article Example
Indochinese leopard The trend of the population is suspected to be decreasing. The extent of the population decline revealed by a 2016 study surprised the researchers: its population is believed to be 1,000–2,500 individuals, with only 400–1,000 breeding adults.
Indochinese leopard In Myanmar's Chatthin Wildlife Sanctuary, leopards declined so drastically between the 1940s–80s, that by 2000 were estimated being close to locally extinct.
Indochinese leopard Substantial domestic skin markets exist in Myanmar, in Malaysia for traditional medicines, and in China for skins and bones, latter particularly as substitute for tiger in traditional Asian medicines and tonics. In China, the use of stockpiles of leopard bone is still permitted by the government by medicinal manufacturers, despite the domestic trade ban.
Indochinese leopard In Myanmar, 215 body parts of at least 177 leopards were observed in four markets surveyed between 1991 and 2006. Among the body parts, a leopard penis and testes were openly traded, along with other parts of the freshly killed animal. Three of the surveyed markets are situated on international borders with China and Thailand, and cater to international buyers, although leopards are completely protected under Myanmar's national legislation. Effective implementation and enforcement of CITES is considered inadequate.
Indochinese leopard There are few contiguous areas left where leopards have a chance of long-term survival. They are primarily threatened by habitat destruction following large–scale deforestation, and prey depletion through illegal hunting.