Top 10 similar words or synonyms for inculcated

inculcating    0.728579

inculcate    0.722287

indoctrinated    0.695387

inculcates    0.685204

nurtured    0.666034

ingrained    0.661952

vouchsafed    0.645766

indoctrinating    0.638387

abhorred    0.635171

inculcation    0.633394

Top 30 analogous words or synonyms for inculcated

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Article Example
School prayer (2) The highest morality must be inculcated, but no religious dogma or creed is to be – taught in a school or Provincial school.
Christopher C. Kraft Jr. The principles that Kraft had inculcated continued to have an impact at Johnson Space Center long after he retired. As Glynn Lunney reflected in 1998:
Charles Babbage Babbage was raised in the Protestant form of the Christian faith, his family having inculcated in him an orthodox form of worship. He explained:
Subic rape case Doubt was inculcated in the mind of Dizon as to the factual circumstances of the crime of rape between Suzette and Smith.
Philippians 4 this is what was continually inculcated by him, as being of great importance and use for the comfort of believers, and the honour of Christ.
Le Vin de solitude At the time of the Russian revolution, the family flee to Finland and eventually arrive in Paris as émigrés. Hélène has an admiration for France inculcated by her childhood French governess, Mademoiselle Rose.
The Masque of Anarchy "An Encyclopedia of Pacifism", Aldous Huxley noted the poem's exhortation to the English to resist assault without fighting back, stating "The Method of resistance inculcated in by Shelley in "The Mask of Anarchy" (sic) is the method of non-violence".
Vinnytsia State Pedagogical University In 1933 - the Board of People's Commissariat of education USSR reorganized the Institutes of Social Upbringing into Pedagogical Colleges with 4 year-term of study. The optional structure of establishment was inculcated.
Royapuram Royapuram has a deep history inculcated within itself and has been part of the Chennai (Madras) city for centuries. It is just in the face of the recent developments that Royapuram got edged out to the periphery of the Chennai.
Milivoje Blaznavac He is entitled to be remembered as one of those who first inculcated, from a wide practical experience, the views of royal administration and its responsibilities which in his last years he saw accepted by the bulk of his countrymen.