Top 10 similar words or synonyms for idolized

idolizes    0.743350

adored    0.739137

idolised    0.729747

envied    0.706688

admires    0.691747

despises    0.677304

disrespected    0.670976

loathed    0.669611

adores    0.663832

babysat    0.662953

Top 30 analogous words or synonyms for idolized

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Article Example
Emil Filla He idolized Vincent van Gogh, Pierre Bonnard and Edvard Munch as well as Picasso and Braque.
Rex Goudie His official biography "Idolized", written by St. John's author Kim Kielley, was released in September 2006.
Teen idol (disambiguation) A teen idol is a celebrity who is widely idolized by teenagers.
Jamie Campbell (sportscaster) He also idolized Canadian Formula One driver Gilles Villeneuve and later named one of his sons after him.
Roy Cheung As a child, Cheung idolized kung-fu legend Bruce Lee but never seriously considered a career in acting.
Dejan Stefanović While growing up, Stefanović supported Milan and idolized defender Franco Baresi, which inspired him to become a footballer.
Horand von Grafrath Many breeders of the time idolized Horand as the goal for what a well-rounded working dog should be.
Juliana Hatfield In December 2005, Hatfield toured the United States with the band X, whom she idolized during her teenage years.
Manny Laureano Additionally, he performed with John Lennon onstage at the birthday party of an eight year old girl who idolized him.
Pyrros Dimas Dimas is married to Anastasia Sdougkou, a former Greek National Television (ERT) sports reporter. Together they have four children, Eleni (b. 1995), Victor (b. 1998), Maria (b. 2000), and Nickolas (b. 2009). When he was in his youth, he idolized the former Soviet (Armenian) weightlifter of his senior category, Yurik Vardanian, whose son, Norik Vardanian idolized him when he (Norik) was a child.