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Top 30 analogous words or synonyms for iconified

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X window manager Window managers are also responsible for icons. Indeed, icons do not exist at the X Window System core protocol level. When the user requests a window to be iconified, the window manager unmaps it (makes it non-visible) and takes the appropriate actions to show an icon in its place. Most modern window managers do not literally show icons to represent iconified windows anymore. Often, an auxiliary toolbar program will allow access to iconified windows.
Design Patterns An abstract base codice_4 class can be derived to the different types of existing windows, such as application, iconified, dialog. These classes will contain operations that are associated with windows, such as reshaping, graphically refreshing, etc. Each window contains elements, whose codice_5 functions are called upon by the codice_4's own draw-related functions.
Eminent Victorians With the publication of "Eminent Victorians", Lytton Strachey set out to breathe life into the Victorian era for future generations to read. Up until this point, as Strachey remarked in the preface, Victorian biographies had been "as familiar as the "cortège" of the undertaker, and wear the same air of slow, funereal barbarism." Strachey defied the tradition of "two fat volumes...of undigested masses of material" and took aim at the four iconified figures.
X Window System protocols and architecture The window manager also handles icons and related visual elements of the graphical user interface. Icons do not exist at the level of the X Window core protocol. They are implemented by the window manager. For example, whenever a window has to be “iconified”, the FVWM window manager unmaps the window, and creates a window for the icon name and possibly another window for the icon image. The meaning and handling of icons is therefore completely decided by the window manager: some window managers such as wm2 do not implement icons at all.
Los Alamos High School In the 1960s the Hilltopper was chosen as the mascot in a vote by the student body. (Previously, the school teams were iconified by a top-hat and gloves). In 1980 a mural of the Hilltopper was painted in Griffith Gymnasium. In this mural the Hilltopper was prominently depicted as a rugged Mountain Man with a walking stick atop the scenic Jemez Mountains that overlook LAHS. In 2004, the mural was destroyed during renovations to the Gymnasium's HVAC system when a series of fans were installed on the gym's interior south wall.
X11vnc The RFB (VNC) protocol is odd when compared to other network graphics protocols, such as X11 and RDP, in that there is no provision for viewer-side caching of pixel data. While this makes the client easier to implement, there is a price to pay in terms of interactive response. For example, every re-exposure of a window or background region needs to have its (compressed) pixel data resent over the network. This effect is particularly noticeable for windows with complex or photo regions (such as a web browser window) that gets iconified and deiconified or re-exposed often.