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Ichitaro However, on 30 September 2005, Intellectual Property High Court of Japan, which was newly formed in April 2005, has granted Justsystems’ appeal. Because this judgement became a final decision in October 2005, the original decision sentenced by the Tokyo District Court was overturned.
Ichitaro In 2013, Symantec revealed that Ichitaro had the potential to be targeted by trojan horse programs. A gang of Chinese hackers was widely blamed for the incident.
Ichitaro The company developed the Japanese word processor JS-WORD for the PC-100 in 1983. In the following year, jX-WORD for the IBM JX was released and in the following year, jX-WORD Taro was released for PC-9801. The same year, Ichitaro was released as its definite successor.
Ichitaro In the DOS era, Ichitaro had a considerable market share along with other rivals such as Matsu by Kanri Kougaku Kenkyujyo. However, as Windows became dominant, the market was largely taken over by Microsoft Word. Some versions of Ichitaro were ported to the Macintosh and to OS/2. In May 2003, the release of a Linux version was announced.
Ichitaro On 1 February 2005, sales and production of the software were frozen pending an appeal by the company against a ruling of the Tokyo District Court which states that there is a breach of a patent owned by Matsushita Electric Industrial Co., Ltd.
Ichitaro Compact versions, "Ichitaro dash" and "Ichitaro lite" are produced for laptop PCs. As office suite, "Just home" is also available. "Ichitaro smile" is targeted at elementary school students and "Ichitaro jump" at middle and high school students.
Kagome (company) Ichitaro Kanie began cultivating tomatoes in 1899 — according to Kagome the first grown in Japan.
Metamo Kiss Ichitaro Taki - The eldest son, he seems to understand a bit about their families abilities. He also dubs himself a “mama’s boy”.
List of The Prince of Tennis Musicals Special Notes: The original cast of this show had Kotaro Yanagi and Kimeru playing their respective roles of Ryoma Echizen and Shusuke Fuji, and Takashi Nagayama permanently replacing Yamazaki Ichitaro as Eiji Kikumaru. Less than two weeks before the premiere, Yanagi was involved in a car accident and hospitalized. Kimeru took over as Echizen, Nagayama was shifted to Fuji, and Ichitaro was brought back as Kikumaru.
Metamo Kiss Written in a notebook by Kohanamaru’s deceased grandmother is a recipe to un-do the transformations. Ichitaro used the recipe in chapter eleven when Koharu failed to switch with Kojiro before the sun set.