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Ibrahim Baré Maïnassara Under Maïnassara's rule, a new constitution was approved by referendum in May 1996, and a presidential election was held on July 7–8, 1996. Maïnassara took about 52% of the vote, but the election was widely viewed as fraudulent. On the second day of polling he had the electoral commission dissolved and replaced it with another electoral commission; on the same day, he also had the four opposition candidates placed under house arrest, which lasted for two weeks. Maïnassara was sworn in on August 7.
Ibrahim Baré Maïnassara On April 9, 1999, Maïnassara was ambushed and shot to death by soldiers at the airport in the capital city of Niamey as he was going to board a helicopter attempting to flee the country, reportedly by members of the Presidential Guard. The circumstances of the killing were not clear; rumors suggested that Maïnassara was attempting to flee the country. Initially his death was officially described as an "unfortunate accident", but this claim was widely considered implausible. Coup leader Daouda Malam Wanké succeeded him as head of state and initiated a political transition that ended with elections late in the year.
Ibrahim Baré Maïnassara Rivalry between Ousmane and Amadou effectively paralyzed the government, and Maïnassara seized power on January 27, 1996, pointing to the difficult political situation as justification.
Ibrahim Baré Maïnassara The National Union of Independents for Democratic Renewal (UNIRD) was established in 1996 to support Maïnassara in that year's elections, but subsequently the Rally for Democracy and Progress-Jama'a was established as the ruling party. With the constitution barring presidents from leading parties, Hamid Algabid became leader of the RDP-Jama'a in August 1997.
Ibrahim Baré Maïnassara Colonel Ibrahim Baré Maïnassara (May 9, 1949 – April 9, 1999) was a military officer in Niger who seized power in a January 1996 coup d'état and ruled the country until his assassination during the military coup of April 1999.