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Top 30 analogous words or synonyms for iannece

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Caesar and Otto's Paranormal Halloween Caesar and Otto's Paranormal Halloween is a 2015 comedy-horror film. It is written and directed by Dave Campfield. And stars Dave Campfield, Paul Chomicki, Beverly Randolph, Felissa Rose, and Deron Miller. The film is also the first feature film for actresess' JamieLee Ackerman and Josephine Iannece. This film is the sixth film in the "Caesar and Otto" series.
Andrew Thomas DelGiorno Suspected drug dealer Robert Hornickle lay slain. Soon even Pat the Cat was dead, killed by Nicky Caramandi and Charlie Iannece for "talking treason" in regard to the current leadership of Nicky Scarfo. Riccobene associate Sammy Tamburrino was whacked in a candy store.
Pat Spirito Spirito was almost shotgunned to death in his Cadillac while driving down the street by Harry Riccobene loyalists. This was shortly before the attempted mob hit of Scarfo crime family capo Salvatore Testa in April 1982. The attempted murder of Spirito was in retaliation for murdering 35-year-old Samuel (Little Sammy) Tammburino, murdered by Charles Iannece and Francis Ianarella as he left a pharmacy-convenience store in South Philadelphia that was owned and operated by Tammburino's parents shooting him sixteen times.
Pat Spirito Mob boss Nicodemo Scarfo was starting to begin a violent genocide of his associates and every member of the family. An estimated total of 30 outsiders and made men were dead by the end of his reign, largely due to the Scarfo-Riccobene War and his own paranoia of disloyal and dishonest people. Scarfo ordered him to take out Bobby Riccobene. Spirito was reluctant, and Scarfo sent Nicholas Caramandi and Charles Iannece Jr. to kill him.
Pat Spirito He was also a suspect of murdering Dominick (Mickey Diamond) DeVito along with Alphonse 'Funzi' Marconi and Guerino 'Mark' Marconi. DeVito was found on February 25, 1982 in the trunk of his own car parked at Ninth and Bainbridge streets in Washington Square West, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He was murdered for making unwanted advances towards a niece of the Marconi brothers. Before his body was discovered, Pat and Charles Iannece told Nicholas Caramandi who was having problems with DeVito, "Your fucking problems are over. This guy's fucking dead. They didn't find his body yet." Following the murder of Dominick DeVito, Nicholas and his associates joined Pat's crew.
Philadelphia crime family In November 1988, Scarfo and 16 of his men were convicted of racketeering, 10 murders, 5 attempted murders, extortion, gambling and narcotics trafficking. Along with Scarfo, underboss Philip Leonetti, three of the family's four capos or captains, Joseph Ciancaglini, Francis Iannarella Jr. and Santo Idone, and soldiers such as Albert Pontani, Salvatore Merlino and Charles Iannece were arrested. The prosecutions were strengthened by Mafia members Tommy DelGiorno and Nicholas "Nicky Crow" Caramandi agreeing to cooperate with law enforcement and testify at trial for the government in order to escape long prison terms and Scarfo's ruthless regime. 15 of the defendants received prison sentences ranging from 30 to 55 years. Successful investigations and prosecutions decimated some of the crime family's most profitable criminal operations. Law enforcement severely crippled the Mafia's influence on local labor unions, the local mob's biggest money maker. Police also broke up numerous mob-run illegal betting parlors that took in bets totaling hundreds of millions of dollars.
Andrew Thomas DelGiorno Testa's murder created career opportunities all around. Nick Caramandi, Charlie Iannece and Joe Grande were made members of the Philadelphia crime family. Tommy DelGiorno and Faffy Iannarella were promoted to acting capos of the old Ciancaglini crew and Testa's former crew respectively, assuming most of the responsibilities of the deceased Testa, who had been running both Philadelphia crews after Ciancaglini went to prison. Their operations included bookmaking, gambling and loan sharking. Nicky Scarfo took a third of the profits made by a major bookmaking operation put together by DelGiorno, Salvatore Testa and Pungitore. Wayne Grande was rewarded with 25% of Testa's business and Salvatore "Tory" Scafidi got a $500 a week job making numbers pick ups.
Andrew Thomas DelGiorno Less than a week later Salvatore Testa the Crowned Prince of the Philadelphia Mob was dead and had been found hogtied at the side of a dirt road in Gloucester Township, New Jersey. Salvie had been lured to a meeting with Wayne Grande and Joey Pung at a candy store on Passyunk Avenue. There Salvie went into the back room where he shook the hand of Wayne Grande who was sitting on a sofa. Salvie then turned to talk to Joey Pung. At that moment Wayne took out a pistol hidden under a cushion and shot Testa in the back of his head; then shot him again as he lied on the floor lifelessly. Nicky Caramandi, Charlie Iannece and Salvatore "Tory" Scafidi helped get Testa out of the candy store and dumped the body in New Jersey.
Salvatore Testa In April 1984, he was featured on the front page of "The Wall Street Journal" in an article by journalist James Bovard that described him as the "fastest rising star" in the Scarfo organization. Scarfo was jealous and worried that Testa was becoming too powerful within the family. Additionally, Testa's breaking off of his engagement to Maria insulted Salvatore Merlino. After the end of internal conflict with Riccobene, Scarfo decided that he could afford to eliminate Testa. Thomas DelGiorno, Charles Iannece and Francis Ianarella went to Testa's ex-father-in-law, underboss Salvatore Merlino and Nicky Scarfo started to spread rumours that Testa was going to start his own gang and also that he was starting to take drugs.
Andrew Thomas DelGiorno Tommy DelGiorno and Faffy Iannarella was put in charge of supervising the Testa murder, Nick Caramandi and Charlie Iannece were going to be the shooters. But it was difficult, Testa was a professional hit man and knew all the tricks of the trade. He was extremely cautious and checked everyone who hugged him for a gun. The job seemed almost impossible and Scarfo was getting restless. So DelGiorno and Iannarella brought Salvatore "Wayne" Grande and Joseph "Joey Pung" Pungitore into the conspiracy. Pungitore was Testa's closest friend and would only go along with the job if he didn't have to pull the trigger. Wayne Grande on the other hand jumped at the opportunity to put a bullet in Testa.