Top 10 similar words or synonyms for hydrometers

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hygrometers    0.701396

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thermometers    0.620591

humistors    0.616229

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ammeters    0.607261

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Top 30 analogous words or synonyms for hydrometers

Article Example
Ferdinand Oechsle Oechsle's hydrometers were made out of metal, typically nickel silver; the hollow body of the float was typically gilt.
Hydrometer Modern hydrometers usually measure specific gravity but different scales were (and sometimes still are) used in certain industries. Examples include:
Winemaking Brix is usually measured with a refractometer while the other methods use a hydrometer. Generally, hydrometers are a cheaper alternative.
Richard Sears McCulloh He wrote on the use of hydrometers to measure sugar and alcohol content of liquids, and wrote a treatise on electricity.
Felice Matteucci Matteucci returned to his previous work as a hydraulic engineer. He studied new hydrometers (to measure the level of a river), rain gauges, and hydraulic operations over rivers.
Twaddell scale The scale is named after the scientific instrument manufacturer W. Twaddell of Glasgow, who first developed hydrometers on this scale at the start of the 19th century.
Museum Boerhaave Hydrometers, an aerometer, a hydrostatic bellows, a balance and steam pump, several table-top fountains all were used to look into hydrostatic pressure, and capillary attraction.
Hydrometer Specialized hydrometers are frequently named for their use: a lactometer, for example, is a hydrometer designed especially for use with dairy products.
Brewery The development of hydrometers and thermometers changed brewing by allowing the brewer more control of the process, and greater knowledge of the results.
Hydrometer Hydrometers are calibrated for different uses, such as a lactometer for measuring the density (creaminess) of milk, a saccharometer for measuring the density of sugar in a liquid, or an alcoholometer for measuring higher levels of alcohol in spirits.