Top 10 similar words or synonyms for hydrochaeris

hydrochoerus    0.941227

coypus    0.867267

myocastor    0.864954

pacarana    0.863065

dinomyidae    0.862775

capromyidae    0.853255

numbat    0.850134

megalotis    0.848614

myocastoridae    0.847825

chinchillidae    0.846141

Top 30 analogous words or synonyms for hydrochaeris

Article Example
Plasmodium hydrochaeri The only known host is the capybara ("Hydrochaeris hydrochaeris").
Pikyry Refuge There are several species of mammals, birds and reptiles for example: capybara ("Hydrochaeris hydrochaeris"), monkey ("Cebus apella"), kuatí (" Nasua nasua"), among others.
List of Plasmodium species A recently (2009) described species ("Plasmodium hydrochaeri") that infects capybaras ("Hydrochaeris hydrochaeris") may complicate the phylogentics of this genus. This species appears to be most similar to "Plasmodium mexicanum" a lizard parasite. Further work in this area seems indicated.
Grazing Capybara ("Hydrochoerus hydrochaeris") are herbivores that graze mainly on grasses and aquatic plants,
Araguaia State Park Wetland fauna include marsh deer ("Blastocerus dichotomus") and capybara ("Hydrochoerus hydrochaeris").
Lami José Lutzenberger Biological Reserve Small groups of the semi-aquatic capybara (Hydrochoerus hydrochaeris) can be found in the riparian forests.
Guartelá State Park The park is also home to deer and capybara ("Hydrochoerus hydrochaeris").
Capybara The scientific name, both "hydrochoerus" and "hydrochaeris", comes from Greek ὕδρω ("hydro" = water) + χοίρος ("choiros" = pig, hog).
Iquitos várzea Common land mammals include jaguar ("Panthera onca"), ocelot ("Leopardus pardalis", South American tapir ("Tapirus terrestris"), capybara ("Hydrochoerus hydrochaeris"), kinkajou ("Potos flavus") and white-lipped peccary ("Tayassu pecari").
Uruguayan savanna Grazing mammals include the Pampas Deer "(Ozotoceros bezoarticus)", the Gray Brocket or Guazuvirá Deer "(Mazama gouazoubira)", and the capybara "(Hydrochoerus hydrochaeris)", the world's largest living rodent.