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hortenburg    0.589768

hermanns    0.572938

bedenken    0.571088

siegerkranz    0.568070

normen    0.566027

tiefen    0.565882

prutz    0.565877

blankenstein    0.563008

liebster    0.557589

fiktionen    0.557147

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Religion in Nazi Germany There existed some considerable differences among officials within the Nazi Party on the question of Christianity. Goebbels is purported to have feared the creation of a third front of Catholics against their regime in Germany itself. In his diary, Goebbels wrote about the "traitors of the Black International who again stabbed our glorious government in the back by their criticism", by which Hutzen states meant the indirectly or actively resisting Catholic clergymen (who wore black cassocks).
Religion in Nazi Germany Historian Heinz Hürten (professor emeritus at the Catholic University of Eichstaett) noted that the Nazi party had plans for the Roman Catholic Church, according to which the Church was supposed to "eat from the hands of the government." The sequence of these plans, he states, follow this sequence: an abolition of the priestly celibacy and a nationalisation of all church property, the dissolution of monastic religious institutes, and an end to the influence of the Catholic Church upon education. Hutzen states that Hitler proposed to reduce vocations to the priesthood by forbidding seminaries from receiving applicants before their 25th birthdays, and thus he had hoped that these men would marry beforehand, during the time (18 – 25 years) in which they were obliged to work in military or labour service. Also, along with this process, the Church's sacraments would be revised and changed to so-called "Lebensfeiern", the non-Christian celebrations of different periods of life.
2009 LSU Tigers baseball team Sophomore RHP Anthony Ranaudo opened the game with a 1-2-3 first inning. In the bottom of the first, after getting the first two batters out, Virginia's Danny Hutzen gave up a double to Blake Dean. Micah Gibbs followed Dean's double with an RBI single to give LSU an early 1–0 lead. After both teams failed to score in the second, the Cavaliers were able to take advantage of a couple sacrifices to tie the game at 1. LSU quickly answered in the bottom half of the third scoring 2 runs off 4 hits to regain the lead 3–1. Virginia added a single run in the 4th to close the gap to a run, and took their first ever lead in the CWS in the top of the fifth scoring 2 runs on 4 hits to lead 4–3. Once again though, LSU answered the call. Junior first baseman Sean Ochinko hit a 3-run home run over the left field wall to give LSU a 6–4 lead, a lead they would not give up.
North Braddock, Pennsylvania During 1897, East Pittsburgh tried to annex the land around the mill of North Braddock, known as Bessemer, that was part of Braddock Township. Residents of Shady Park village (3rd ward) and of Wolftown (1st ward) came together to hold meetings on stopping East Pittsburgh from annexing the land near the mill known as Braddock's Field. William Yost serving as North Braddock's attorney petitioned the Quarter Sessions of Allegheny County that Shady Park and Wolftown would join as one town, also incorporating Braddock's Field. During the meetings 317 of 510 property owners signed an agreement helping Judge Kennedy make his ruling to form a new town. On Monday, April 26, 1897, North Braddock was incorporated as a borough. Judge Kennedy of the Quarter Sessions Court of Allegheny County made the ruling and ordered the decree for the new borough. The first election of officials was to be held on May 18, 1897. The winners of the election included the burgess Henry Anderson, councilmen Joseph Wallace, John Walberg, John Maxwell, WJ Vance, Thomas Clark, J Grant Anderson, Fred Edwards, tax collector John Hutzen, and school directors Jones, Johnson, Scott, Colmey, Crossey, and Anderson.