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jesuitengarten    0.809480

abtsberg    0.791724

aussichtspunkt    0.790340

klosterberg    0.787955

kapellenberg    0.785335

herrnberg    0.784585

wenigzell    0.782151

maximiner    0.779928

langeck    0.779569

abtswind    0.779173

Top 30 analogous words or synonyms for hubertusberg

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Vaals It borders on both Belgium and Germany. The three borders meet on the Drielandenpunt, a few meters from the highest point in the European part of the Netherlands, the Vaalserberg. The Vaalserberg used to be called "Hubertusberg".
Nittel Nittel is the center of the cultivation of the Elbling wine in the Upper Moselle River. About 25 wineries cultivate vineyards with the total of 717 acres (290 hectares), of which the Elbling has the majority’s share with 75%. The limestone soil and the almost Mediterranean climate gives the local wines a nice touch, benefitting the white and "pinot gris" varieties. To Nittel belong the vineyards of “"Rochusfels"” [St. Roch on the Rocks], “"Hubertusberg"” [St. Hubert’s Mountain], “"Leiterchen"” and “"Blümchen"” [Little Flowers].
Frederick the Great The sudden death of Empress Elizabeth of Russia in January 1762, led to the succession of her Germanized nephew (Duke of Holstein-Gottorp), pro-Prussian Peter III. This "Miracle of the House of Brandenburg" led to the collapse of the anti-Prussian coalition; Peter immediately withdrew his armies from Frederick's territories. One of Peter III's first diplomatic endeavors was to seek a Prussian title from Frederick, which Frederick naturally obliged. Peter III was so enamored of Frederick that he not only offered him the full use of a Russian corps for the remainder of the war, he also wrote to Frederick that he would rather have been a general in the Prussian army than Tsar of Russia. More significantly, Russia's about-face from once an enemy of Prussia to its patron rattled the leadership of Sweden, who, seeing the writing on the wall, hastily made peace with Frederick as well. With the threat to his eastern borders over, and France also seeking peace after its' defeats by Britain, Frederick was able to fight the Austrians to a stalemate, and finally brought them to the peace table. While the ensuing Treaty of Hubertusburg simply returned the European borders to what they had been before the Seven Years' War, Frederick's ability to retain Silesia during the Silesian Wars made him and Prussia popular throughout the German-speaking territories. A year following the Treaty of Hubertusberg, Catherine the Great (Peter III's widow) concluded an eight-year alliance with Prussia.