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Top 30 analogous words or synonyms for hrock

Article Example
Ambassador Auditorium On May 14, 2004 the church announced the sale of approximately 13 acres (53,000 m²) of its former 31-acre (125,000 m²) campus to Harvest Rock Church and Maranatha High School. The sale included the Ambassador Auditorium, now under the sole ownership of HRock Church of Pasadena, CA. HRock Church (HRC) is a Charismatic church founded in 1994 under senior pastor Che Ahn. Since the acquisition of Ambassador Auditorium HRC has re-opened the venue to the public and hosts many regional ensembles including the Colburn Orchestra and the Pasadena Symphony. HRock Church's services, conferences and special events are also held at the Auditorium along with Maranatha's.
Ambassador Auditorium Ambassador Auditorium is located on the historic Ambassador College campus (the Ambassador Auditorium is owned by HRock Church continues as a special events venue and as home to many of Pasadena's symphonies) in Pasadena, California, United States. Its architectural design has been noted to be somewhat similar to that of the Temple of ancient Israel. The auditorium's main hall has a capacity of 1262.
Ambassador College Aside from being the identified sponsor of "The World Tomorrow" radio broadcast for a time (although the costs for the broadcast were paid by the church), the college in Pasadena became locally well known for its Ambassador Auditorium worship and concert venue, which for 20 years was host to many renowned artists from classical music to jazz. The concert series closed in 1995. The auditorium was largely unused for a decade until a portion of the Ambassador campus was sold to interdenominational Maranatha High School and a smaller portion, including the auditorium, to HRock Church.
Lifted (2011 film) The film was produced by Deborah Del Prete who produced Lexi Alexander's first full-length feature film, "Green Street Hooligans." Alan and Hugh Hunter, are co producers on the film, they also produced Alexander's Oscar nominated short Johnny Flynton. The film was shot entirely in Irondale, Morris/pinson and Birmingham, Alabama, in the United States. The film was also endorsed by HRock Church of Pasadena, California. The church's senior pastor, Ché Ahn, and his son, Gabe Ahn, were shown a special screening of the film and Gabe was quoted as saying "What I liked so much about this film is that it centered on family relationships, but at the same time encourages us to dream big." Lifted was the first film made under Alabama's new film incentive program.