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Top 30 analogous words or synonyms for holvoet

Article Example
Georges Holvoet Baron Georges Josephus Lamoraldus Maria Gislemus Holvoet (16 August 1874 – 23 April 1967) was a Belgian lawyer and Roman Catholic politician. He was governor of the province of Antwerp from 8 November 1923 until 21 December 1945.
Georges Holvoet Georges Holvoet was Chef de Cabinet of the Prince Regent Prince Charles who reigned in lieu of his older brother Leopold III from 1944 until 1950.
Draaiorgel de Vijf Beelden The first years of its existence, the organ has had some tenants, such as "De Kraai", "De Manke", and "Willem Renz". Then the organ is sold to "Holvoet" which sends it in 1926 to Carl Frei in Breda, to let it grow. With this renovation, the organ gets another front, the five images disappear, but retains its Gavioli mechanics.