Top 10 similar words or synonyms for hojas

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Top 30 analogous words or synonyms for hojas

Article Example
El Trueno entre las hojas El trueno entre las hojas meaning ("Thunder Among the Leaves") may refer to:
Jorge Bucay Five books constitute his series, "Hojas de Ruta" ("Roadmaps"):
Horticulture Netting or Vegetable Support Net Poda y entutorado del tomate, Zoilo Serrano, Hojas Divulgadoras, Ministerio de Agricultura
Jose Barraquer 1976 – Medalla al Mérito en el Trabajo – Plata con hojas de roble – Ministerio del Trabajo (Spain)
Adrian Esquino Lisco An El Salvadoran federal human rights commission, charged with investigating the Las Hojas massacre and other violations, did not accomplish much, reportedly because of pressure from the country's army. The commanders of the Salavadoran troops at Las Hojas were given amnesty in the 1990s as part of a broader Central American peace plan.
Tourism in El Salvador The hotels offer are still under development, but in 2005 there have been several investments in the field of beach resorts. Casa de Mar, in El Sunzal; Pacific Sunrise, in La Libertad; Las Hojas, in Las Hojas Beach; Club Joya del Pacífico, on the Costa del Sol are already in operation.
Adrian Esquino Lisco Lisco and others blamed wealthy Salvadoran landowners for the at Las Hojas. Lisco accused influential landowners of using the army to destroy the Las Hojas cooperative. Landowners often considered the farm cooperatives to be subversive, even Communist. Attempts at farm reforms were begun in the late 1970s, but were soon halted, leading to resentment from both peasants and wealthy landowners.
Ion Vianu The novel "Vasiliu, foi volante" was translated in Spanish by Ioana Zlotescu in 2010 under the title "Vasiliu, hojas sueltas" (Aletheia Publishing House).
The Amazing Race en Discovery Channel 1 In this Leg's Roadblock, one team member had to jump off the highest Bungee Jump in South America. The Detour in this leg was "Hojas" (Leaves) and "Granos" (Grains). In "Hojas", teams had to search for three coca leaves among many different leaves. Once found, they had to give them to the Master Healer to receive the next clue. In "Granos", teams had to transport 100 maize cobs to a large course. Once completed, the Cacique gave the next clue.
Olhinto María Simoes Years after his death, in 1976, "Hojas sueltas" was released with poetic productions that Simoes had not edited. Some of his poems have been put to music and recorded by several artists, including Héctor Numa Moraes.