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Guildford Borough Council election, 2015 Liberal Democrat Liz Hogger saw her vote increase form 54.7% in 2011 to 60.5% in 2015. In both 2011 and 2015, Liz Hogger got the highest percentage vote of any Liberal Democrat candidate for Guildford Borough Council.
Sasha Rionda Sasha Sybille Rionda Hogger (born September 29, 1977 in Mexico City, Mexico) is an actress and television hostess.
Walthamstow by-election, 1910 He also stressed his opposition to the payment of MPs, and proclaimed himself a "whole hogger" for tariff reform.
Yellow-spotted rock hyrax Common names for the bush hyrax include yellow-spotted hyrax, bush hyrax, hogger hyrax, yellow-spotted rock hyrax, and "daman de steppe" (French).
Pontypridd RFC Club kit has been supplied by numerous firms, including Umbro, Hogger Sports, Cica, Rossco, Canterbury of New Zealand, Kukri Sports and Errea. Since October 2012, club kit has been supplied by Martin Johnson's Rhino Rugby.
Norfolk Rhapsodies This rhapsody employs "Young Henry the Poacher", "Spurn Point" and "Ward, the Pirate", already presented in the First Rhapsody. Its final pages are lost, but have been reconstructed by Stephen Hogger.
Ian Pont He was one of the instigators of coloured clothing in English domestic cricket in 1993 after his company Hogger Sports made the replica clothing for the ICC 1992 World Cup.
Helene Diamantides In 1988 Diamantides competed internationally in a number of mountain races. She won both the women's events in the Mount Cameroon race and the Mount Kinabalu race; and she came third in the Hogger 'Super Marathon' in Algeria. In the same year she also set a new women's record for the BG: 20 h 17 min.
Guildford Borough Council election, 2007 Effingham is a village to the east of Guildford. It elects one councillor. This ward bucked the trend which saw the Conservatives increase their percentage vote in the other rural wards to the east of Guildford in 2007. In Effingham, Liberal Democrat Liz Hogger retained the seat; increasing her majority from 128 to 211.
Guildford Borough Council election, 2011 Effingham, which elects one councillor, is the most easterly ward in Guildford borough. It is largely centred on the village of Effingham. Liberal Democrat Liz Hogger held on to the seat. Her majority of 166 votes falling slightly from the 211 majority she obtained in 2007.