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Woven (band) Woven guitarist Steve Abagon has performed with Perry Farrell and recently contributed guitar tracks for folk-rock veteran Rickie Lee Jones on her album, The Sermon On Exposition Street. Ory Hodis, Woven's vocalist/guitarist has also recorded guitar tracks on Perry Farrell’s 2001 solo electronica record, Song Yet To Be Sung.
Vijaydurg Port Almost all the ferries are country crafts manned by two or three ferrymen. Small boats called "Hodis" ply across rivers and rivulets. The sailing vessels plying across creeks are called machwas. A hodi can accommodate four persons, while a machwa can carry up to fifty persons.
List of Big Brother Australia housemates (2014 series) David Hodis, a 31-year-old radiographer originally from the United Kingdom but now living in Sydney, entered the house on Day 0. During the live launch night twist, it was announced that the housemates would be competing in pairs. David chose Sandra to be his partner before they entered together. They were nominated on Day 10 and faced the public vote. On Day 16, David and Sandra survived the eviction receiving 36% of the vote. He was nominated on Day 24 along with 6 other housemates. He survived Day 29's eviction however he was still up for eviction. He survived the next eviction the following day after receiving 30% of the vote to save while his rival Lisa was evicted. He nominated again on Day 38 and faced eviction. He survived the eviction on Day 44 while Sandra was evicted however he was still up for eviction. He survived the eviction the following day after scoring 18.4% of the vote. He was nominated again the next day and survived the eviction on Day 51 after earning 14% of the vote. On Day 51, all the original housemates were automatically nominated and faced eviction. He was saved on Day 57 after Sonia revealed that he was in the top 4 with the most votes to save along with Priya, Ryan, and Skye. He was nominated on Day 67 along with Leo, Priya, Ryan and Skye. He escaped the eviction again on Day 71 however he watched as Leo became the next evictee. The following day, Sonia saved Ryan and Skye leaving just himself and Priya in the firing line. He then became the sixteenth housemate to be evicted after receiving the next lowest amount of votes to save.