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Article Example
People's Coalition (Croatia) The idea of a joint party list of the main center-left parties SDP and HNS-LD was discussed in the 2007 general election, however ultimately each party contested the election separately. The election resulted in HDZ forming a Government led by Ivo Sanader and SDP and HNS-LD remaining in Opposition. After the resignation of Prime Minister Sanader in 2009, SDP, HNS-LD and IDS started discussing the possibility of contesting the 2011 parliamentary election more extensively. On November 23, 2010 the three parties along with HSU signed a declaration "Alliance for Change" officially confirming their intention of a joint appearance in the next election.
People's Coalition (Croatia) On July 16, 2016, SDP, HNS-LD, HSU and HSS signed coalition agreement in Zabok and have thus re-established the coalition under a new name, People's Coalition ().
Zoran Milanović In July 2016, SDP, HNS-LD and HSU formed the "People's Coalition" () for the 2016 parliamentary election. They were joined by the Croatian Peasant Party (HSS), while the Croatian Labourists left the coalition.
Vesna Pusić In the Croatian presidential election, 2009–2010, Pusić was the HNS-LD candidate. She won 7.25% in the first round, placing fifth out of twelve candidates, and was thus eliminated from the second round.
Vilim Herman In the 4th assembly of Sabor, Herman was a member of the HSLS, and after that the Party of Liberal Democrats (LIBRA). In the 5th assembly of Sabor, he was a member of LIBRA, then of HNS-LD, and in 2005 he joined the Slavonia-Baranja Croatian Party.